A Journey To Jakarta Dreamworld Essay

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Indonesian Capital Jakarta, named on the prime characteristic of Great Victory can only be defined as the sprawling, modern, bustling and open for everyone city of the region giving an optimum hideout to everyone. The hidden characteristics beneath busy and modern lifestyle like fun, adventurous and traditional metropolis in Indonesia, Jakarta presents contrasts of culture by temples, historical sites and traditional followings as well as modernization by its fabulous beaches, nightlife at the same time.

When to Visit Jakarta
One of the prime things about Jakarta that attracts most of the holidaymakers from around the world is the city is good to be visited ...view middle of the document...

Places to Eat in Jakarta
The diversity of food in Jakarta is remarkably amazing as the city caters not only food influenced from other countries but also has a wide range of regional food inside Indonesia. Some of the luscious dishes one should try on Trip of Jakarta are Grilled Meat (Satay), Meat Soup (Soto), Fried Chicken (Ayam Goreng) and Fried Catfish (Pecel Lele) that will truly show the cooking colors of Jakarta.
Finding a restaurant for some Indonesian food is easy like blinking eyes but to find some good restaurants for authentic Indonesian culinary experience is not that easy. There are plenty of restaurants though where one can enjoy the Indonesian culinary like Petojo Utara, Ancol, Alam Sutera, Jalan Cipete Raya, Kemang Raya that have some nicest restaurants for Indonesian cooking style.
Places to Shop in Jakarta
The most prominent thing one can buy from Jakarta is its Batik fabric that is a special clothes made especially in Jakarta designed with detailed designs for formal occasions and festivals in Indonesian culture. Apart from Batik, one can try some amazing handicrafts and artifacts belong from Indonesian culture and traditions.
One can simply enjoy a...

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