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“All that she wants is another baby, She's gone tomorrow boy”- this is the earliest song that I could remember. When I heard this song for the first time, I was probably four or five years old. From there, my musical journey has begun. Though rock and roll / rock music was a fairly new concept for the people where I spend my early childhood, I was in to rock and roll from the beginning. This was mostly because of my father and few of my older cosines who lives in the city and brought me cassettes tape of the renowned rockers of that time. My musical journey began with Ace of Base, got matured with Bangla rock music, and finally reached at the western rock music through Metallica.
In my early childhood, I used to live in a rural village, and it was probably 1993 or 1994 when I first got in to rock and roll. My father used to live in Dhaka, capital city of Bangladesh. He had a small portable cassette tape player, and it could run on battery. That time we did not have electricity at our home, and we could not listen to that player for too long in the battery. He used to come home in the weekend, and he usually brought his cassette player with him. One day, he brought a cassette tape of English song, and he started playing that cassette. Suddenly one tune of a song caught my attention, and that was “All that She wants” of Ace of Base. I did not know who they were, or what they were singing, but I liked that song especially the tune. Later whenever my father used to come home in the weekend, I just played that song over and over again. I listened to the whole album but do not remember anything else but that one song. I guess that was the beginning of my musical journey.
Bangla rock music is in my vein, and I grew up with it. Rock music was not that popular in the village. However, I was the kid who had connection to the city where the rock and roll was going on with its full pace. Thus, rock and roll was going in my house too. Here in the village everybody was in to traditional classical music. Rock music was considered as the song of people who does not know how to sing. First Bangla rock band that had listened to was LRB (Little River Band). Lead guitarist of that band name Ayub Bachchu, arguable he is the best guitarist of Bangla rock music. He had a song call “Shei Tumi”, a poetic song, was so popular that almost everybody in Bangladesh had listen to that at least once in...

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