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Jury Etiquette ManualThe following manual is intended to explain the proper etiquette and protocol for jurors who are participating in a courtroom trial. This manual will address the expectations of a jury, sequestration, communication among jury members, voting procedures, and impartiality and fairness. In no way is this manual intended to sway a juror's verdict or influence a juror's decision. Jurors are reminded that they should take their duty seriously and responsibly.I. Expectations of a JuryOn the days of the trial jurors are expected to be punctual. The jurors should wear comfortable clothing that reflects the seriousness of their duty. Once a juror has entered the courtroom they are required to abide by the rules of the court. During the trial, jurors should remain alert and attentive at all times. It is important to keep an open mind and avoid any feelings of prejudice that the juror may have. Jurors must determine a verdict according to their best judgment and should not be influenced by another juror's opinions.II. SequestrationSequestration of jurors is sometimes required, especially for jurors participating in a high-profile case. In order for a juror's opinion to remain unmarred from publicity surrounding a case the jurors may be isolated in a hotel and shuttled to and from the trial. A judge determines whether sequestration is necessary in a case. If sequestration is deemed necessary, a juror's meals and lodgings will be paid for.III. Communication Among Jury MembersOnce a trial has concluded the jurors will report to the deliberation room. Once in the deliberation room jurors should elect one member of the jury as their foreperson. The foreperson will supervise the deliberations. In the deliberation room...

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