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With the same certainty with which in the past all roads lead to Rome, Ryszard Kuklinski' s trail through life unmistakably lead him to the "profession" of a spy. He decided to abuse his high position and reveal military secrets to the enemy. A disgusting betrayal. Oran's Dictionary of the Law (1983) defines treason as: "...a citizen's actions to help a foreign government overthrow, make war against, or seriously injure the parent nation." An act that is often punished with the death penalty. The paradox truth is that betraying his fatherland was the only possibility for Kuklinski how to stay true to his country and himself. His act was not the one of a browbeaten coward or a greedy opportunist, but an exhibition of the most valuable human qualities. Healthy patriotism and heroism - just to name a few of them. But why did he choose to give up his comfortable life and risk everything?As many significant events of the human history, it was an interplay between many factors. Kuklinski's childhood was significantly stigmatized by the Second World War. He had to experience, how the German military invaded into Poland. He witnessed how his neighbors were tortured and killed and his hometown turned from a majestic capital into a burning battleground. The family was torn apart. His father had been beaten up in front of Kuklinski 's mother and later brought into a concentration camp from which he never returned. The teenager wanted to join the resistance, but was too young to be taken. He was sentenced to watch. In his defenselessness Kuklinski swore to himself that he will newer ever allow anyone to invade into his country again. He carried this promise with him, until the time came to give his country back what he "owned" it.After the Second World War he continued working on his military career. His soon achieved high position gave him an opportunity to observe from immediate closeness, the sudden changes in polish society under Russian hand. Teachers were exchanged for Russian soldiers who could not even speak polish. Uniforms changed. And what is most important, the freedom of word became a...

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