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Title: Redox ReactionsResearch Question: Is it possible to determine if a redox reaction took place by using only the equation?Hypothesis: Yes, I believe it is possible to determine if this reaction took place by using the oxidation numbers in the equation.Variables:1. I cleaned the reaction surface to limit contamination2. I held the chemicals at approximately a 90 degree angle for consistencyIntroduction:Redox reactions occur when both oxidation and reduction take place. All atoms can be assigned an oxidation number, which is a positive or negative number that help in determining the reducing and/or oxidizing agents in an equation. An increase in the oxidation number of an atom from one side of an equation to another side indicates oxidation. A decrease in the oxidation number of an atom indicates reduction. For example:2AgNO3 + Cu Cu(NO3)2 + 2AgIn this equation, on the left side of the equation the Ag has an oxidation number of silver is +1 and on the other side the Ag oxidation number is 0. Since the silver ions decrease in oxidation number, reduction is occurring. Similarly on the left hand of the equation the Cu has an oxidation number of 0 and on the side it has an oxidation number of +2. Since the copper ions increase in oxidation number, oxidation is taking place.Materials:1. Reaction surface2. Chemicalsa. Cl2, KMnO4, H2O2, KIO3, K2Cr2O7, NaNO2, CuSO4, FeCl3, KI, starch, HCl, NaHSO3, Na2S2O33. Pipette for stirring chemicals in reaction4. Pencil and paper5. Safety goggles*Procedure:1. Make a chart to record collected data from the experiment2. Gather all necessary chemicals and other materials3. Mix one drop of KI with one drop of NaOCl and observe if a reaction takes place4. If no reaction is visible add one drop of starch to the mixture and once again observe if a reaction occurs. If a reaction occurs still add one drop of starch to the mixture to confirm results.5. If a reaction did not occur between the chemicals or even with the starch add one drop of HCl and observe the reaction that occurs.6. Add one drop of NaHSO3 to the mixture and observe the reaction.7. Repeat steps 3-6 with the other seven chemical combinations.8. However, in reactions e-h, instead of NaHSO3, add one drop of Na2S2O3.9. Clean up the lab area and wash your hands.*DataKI Starch HCl NaHSO3 Na2S2O3Cl2 Yellow Purple-black Orange w/ brown precipitateKMnO4 Yellow w/ brown precipitate Purple-black Yellow w/ brown precipitateH2O2 Light yellow Purple-black Light yellowKIO3 Clear (no rxn) Clear (no rxn) Purple-black Purple-blackK2Cr2O7 Orange- yellow (no rxn) Orange-yellow (no rxn) Purple-black Orange yellowNaNO2 Clear (no rxn) Clear (no rxn) Purple-black ClearCuSO4 Brown Purple-black Light greenFeCO3 Yellow (no rxn) Purple-black Purple-blackIn all of these reactions oxidation and reduction took place because iodine visibly came out of the solutions in a...

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