A Lab Report For A High School Physics Class On The Error Of Measurement.

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Purpose:The intention of this lab was to show how inaccurate and imprecise your measurements could be if you did not have the right measuring tools.Procedure1) Tennis Ball DiameterA) circumference methoda) Take a piece of string and wrap it around the tennis ball in as straight of a path as possibleb) Place this string on a ruler and record measurementc) The equation for diameter if a circle isC=pi x dB) average of two methoda) Take two tennis balls and place them side by sideb) Measure with a ruler the distance from one end of one tennis ball to the other end of the other tennis ballc) Divide this distance by two to get the diameter of a tennis ballC) Final averaginga) Add up the diameters calculated from both the circumference and average method and divide by two to get the average diameter of a tennis ball2) Diameter of a marbleA) Averaging methoda) Place four marbles side by side and measure the distance from end to end and divide by four to get the average of four marblesb) Place three marbles side by side and measure the distance from end to end and divide by three to get the average of three marblesc) Place two marbles side by side and measure the distance from end to end and divide by two to get the average of two marblesd) measure one marble from side to side to get the diameter of one marblee) Add up each of the calculated diameters and divide by four to get the average calculated diameter3) Thickness of Copy PaperA) Average methoda) count out 25 sheets of paper and measure the thickness using a ruler and divide by 25b) count out 50 sheets of paper and measure the thickness with a ruler and divide by 50c) count out 75 sheets of paper and measure the thickness using a ruler and divide by 75d) add up all of the averages and divide by three to get the average calculated thickness4) Height of schoolA) Brick counting methoda) Measure the distance from the bottom of one brick to the bottom of the next brick.b) Count the number of bricks from the bottom of the building to the top of the buildingc) Multiply the number of bricks by the distance from the...

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