Another Day, Another Mass Shooting In America

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As shootings begin to happen more frequently, Congress feels like throwing up more laws is going to fix it; when in reality that will not help. It is human nature for the majority of people in the world to want to break rules, or in this case laws, solely just because they are there to break. Therefore, Congress should not create more gun control for it is unconstitutional. In the event that Congress makes more laws, they should expect more crime than without them. Does taking guns away solve the problem; well not exactly. Reprehending the rights to have guns is a good intention but condemn rights of law abiding citizens. Those who use guns for safety do not give reason for guns to be taken because of others lack of knowledge. There will never be a perfect world where there is no violence or shootings. And abundant amount of factors go into how those who commit crimes fall to the state of mind that they do.
A child only learns from what they are taught, or lack thereof, and what they see. Children constructed in a well lifestyle are not the ones in their later adult life that commit these kinds of crimes. Those who do not have the right parenting or the right living style can lead to an unstable conscientious. They are more likely to have erratic thoughts and actions. Others do not have the control over their thoughts; they are mentally ill and not at fault for it. Though they are lawless and dangerous, there is mass discussion about mental health affecting gun crimes; this is true, just not in all cases. It is arduous trying not to single them out of things because of mental instability but sometimes there is too much on the line to give that opportunity. Most gun crimes are done with guns that do not belong to the shooter. Stolen guns are a source of weapons for criminals (United). If their gun rights are taken away, in the end, will it make a difference?
In the U.S. it is not illegal for the owner of a gun to leave the gun out and around the house, but as for Germany, this is not the case. Germany’s extremely strong gun laws did not stop 28-year-old Michael McClendon and 17-year-old high school student, Timothy Kretschmer. Both men were involved in mass shootings; Kretschmer claims he did it “for fun.” Kretchmer acquired the gun from his house where his dad left it out in case of a burglary. In Germany, that is illegal (Listverse). Placing more laws only affects those who follow them, or that they will even stay in place. Washington banned handguns for 33 years and during that time it was known as the nation’s murder capital. Not just a few crimes here a there, but almost the number on place for crime, during a ban! (Levy). This ties back to how putting laws in place only make criminals want to break them. Just like when you tell a young child “no”, they still do it to test you and be defiant. The senses of defiance makes one feel in power and ‘cool’ for breaking the rules. In generations today, breaking rules and laws are a daily thing;...

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