A Leader’s Diary In Kenya Essay

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Out of tilt the universe is. Maybe so there will more hours during the day for my people to waste. And so on a very graceful day as such I see no other better revitalization than indulge in a random day’s fantasy. Building castles in the air has never caused a remission of tax or rent. And so in my reverie I see myself a leader, honest and just caring for the needy and establishing robust reforms like no other in Kenya; a country of splendour and beauty; peace and continuity.
The sun sets and rises and I am a grown up cultured African. Educated in all aspects of professionalism, leadership and stature. If you asked the kindergarten kid or the high school teenager you will be interested to learn of how admirable in every aspect I turn out to be. Yearning for a more lefty position than just the currently pre-occupied senate seat, I venture into pursue my dream.
But an old adage holds that time and tide waits for no man. Responsibility sets in. Middle age is taking toll on me. The feared crisis did just strike and I am beginning to feel like I should have been something different, maybe a high school teacher or a humble janitor. I now have a wife, not as beautiful as I wished but modest in her own way. I have some juniors who take much after me, right from my long ears to my radical temperament. Then I realise a portion of the fantasy may not come true; because I weigh heavier, unto my previous mass I now have dependants.
One certain thing is that in every cloud there is a silver lining. I now have been blessed with the honourable opportunity to serve in a ministerial post. I am not certain which exactly it is because I am not interested in the details and deliverable contained within it. All I know is that I need money to treat my wife who now has got cancer of the skin. I do not mind taking a bribe, because it is the order of the day in this line of duty. More of the reason is that my wife, from whom I have stayed away from for long has cancer.
I see an opportunity to be president and have to do only but one thing. Who am I to do way with the old formalities of doing things? Have they not proven to be ideal in the attaining of self-aiding goals? Fast movement calls for solitude, further movement requires a team. But I need to ascend to the peak of politics, some blood has to be shed. But still I need people, who shall chop off the heads? Who is stone hearted enough to kill the mothers as the kids watch? I need people and I go for them.
Being the schemer I am, I know that it would harm if I dared not double-check my plans. And so I knowingly deny them of their rights as an oppression strategy to make them vote for me. The region under my senate who...


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