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A Study In Scarlet Review

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Sherlock Holmes is a name with many faces who has continued to appear and inspire throughout the world since his birth at the hand of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle in the year 1886. His introduction to the world was found in a novel initially intended to be a stand-alone story that did not continue; however, the character sparked some interest, particularly in America, and Doyle resumed sharing the tales of Dr. Watson and Sherlock Holmes. Holmes starred in a collection of novels and short stories, as well as became the basis for various movies and television series.
A Study in Scarlet, the first Sherlock Holmes fiction, began with Watson and his narrative of the time before he met Holmes and shortly after they moved in together. When army doctor John Hamish Watson was injured in action, he moved to London and ran into an old friend, Mike Stanford. This led to Watson being introduced to Holmes and moving in with him as flat mates the following day, simply for the convenience of cheaper but better quality living conditions. Later, Watson became interested in Holmes’s career, which was revealed to be the singularly unique occupation of consulting detective in which he assisted the police when they were at a loss. One such case involved a murder in an empty house due to poisoning, but was unusual because the victim appeared to have killed himself, despite evidence that showed another, taller man who became increasingly agitated during the short time he was there. As the detective followed the trail started with a ring found on the body, Holmes found the proper criminal while the two Scotland Yard detectives followed dead ends.
The second half of the novel provides the details behind motive, which in short was due to a marriage forced upon Lucy Ferrier by their religion. This unfortunate occurrence led to the death of the bride shortly afterwards. In turn, the vengeful outcast that loved her, named Jefferson Hope, had taken it upon himself as his life’s calling to hunt down the two men responsible for the passing of his beloved. To do so, he...

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