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So as I started the interview with the following question,
Stephen: Where were you born and how life was as a child?
Dr. Blanchard: I was born in Port-au-Prince Haiti. Of what I remember I spend most of my time at home. My school was really far away, we had to walk every day for thirty minutes to school and back. I have eight siblings and two of them lived abroad, so I do not remember them a lot in my childhood.
Stephen: What was your family like?
Dr. Blanchard: well my family was very strict on us, to show you how strict they were if they told us not to breathe, we had to obey. We just pray that while we hold our breath that we would not pass out, but that is an example. We really learn to respect our elders and our older brother too. Most of the time my father was not around and our mother was out working to support our family, so our aunt was the one who care for us, until we move to the United States
Stephen: Coming to U.S, how did it impact you?
Dr. Blanchard: we did not stay in the U.S for a long time; we were only there for about one or two months there. But it was a culture shock I had when I arrive here in the U.S, first because I did not understand how the sun was up high and it was still cold outside, second the people were not very friendly compare to my homeland, the kids in my neighborhood use to call us French kids because we could only speak French at that time. Later we move to the Montreal Canada where the people were friendlier. The one thing I did not understand at that time was how the kids there could disrespect their parents, because if I did that my parents would have killed me.
Stephen: What was your choice going to college and why?
Dr. Blanchard: In Canada, the education system is different from here, I have to take a test and the score will determine which college I can apply, so that college I could apply to be the Université de Montréal.
Stephen: What motivated you to become a doctor?
Dr. Blanchard: It was when I was twelve years old and my school did a field trip to the airport to say how it works. When we were on the airplane, I was so excited about all the things that I saw and I decide to become a pilot, so I ask my teacher what I have to do to be a pilot. She look at me without answering the question and said that because I had glasses and my eyes were too thick, so I could not qualified be a pilot. So I cried for a whole week, later I said if I cannot be a pilot then I will be a doctor. I study hard to become one afterwards. After I finish college there in Canada, I went to medical school in Mexico.
Stephen: Why did you go to Mexico to study?
Dr. Blanchard: In Canada I did not have the right papers to enter the medical school there, so my mother told me to go to Mexico with my brother who was there already studying medicine.
Stephen: Did you have any interesting experience there, what were they?
Dr. Blanchard: oh yes I did, I remember when I first got there after two weeks I pack my bags and said to my...

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