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A Legend Essay

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What makes a person a legend? The word legend describes something somewhat phenomenal, and event that rose above all expectations. Is it possible to call Michael Jackson a legend by taking an extensive look at the goals he reached throughout his career? Through almost all his life he has been in the public eye.Michael Joseph Jackson was born on August 29, 1958 in Gary, Indiana. At the young age of four Michael took part in a musical group called the Jackson Five, which consisted of his four older brothers. He became their lead vocalist, imitating the styles of James Brown. Though onstage Michael was seemingly confident, offstage he was introverted and shy.The Jackson Five was signed on to Motown Record at the end of 1968. The song entitled "I Want You Back" became the first of four straight hits. Most of the hits consisted of romance and love-like situations. Even though he hadn't experienced these, he sang them as if he did.This soul based group brought competition in the music industry. As an attempt to keep up with the pace MGM records released the Osmonds in 1970 considered rivals to the Jackson Five. MGM released their 13-year old lead singer Donny Osmond as a solo artist. In return, Motown felt obligated to do the same. Michael's first solo single "Got To Be There" was a big hit not only in the U.S., but also in the U.K.. His rising fame gave Motown an opportunity to make a profit from his popularity. They capitalized on it by pushing hurried album angled toward the teenage audience. Stockpiling on a number of unissued tracks, an album was released in the 1980's off of the success of his Epic recordings.This career was in no doubt skyrocketing, but the future of his group wasn't looking too bright. Sales began to decline in the mid-70's. Due to that Michael set aside his solo career to help out the fate of his group. In 1976, what was known as Jackson Five was renamed as Jacksons.Quincy Jones partnered up with Michael on the soundtrack of Michael's musical film "The Wiz". In 1979 Jones teaming up with Michael produced "Off the Wall", a collection of contemporary soul. This step changed gears in Michael's career. This brought out the more mature side of him. The album did well letting out two number one singles. One of the songs "Don't Stop "Til You Get Enough" gave Michael his first Grammy.As a result of Michael's refusal to go on public interviews, the media began to portray him as a "figure trapped in eternal childhood". This image qualified him to narrate the album of E.T. Even though this album was withdrawn, it won him another Grammy.1982 marked a highlight in Jackson's career. He released his second album working with Jones "Thriller". This album was a phenomenon becoming the biggest hit of all time. "Billie Jean", one of the biggest hit singles was a mix of disco and pop. Alongside was video that portrayed Michael Jackson as many different characters. After all the success there was still more to come. The next song "Beat It"...

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