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A Long January Essay

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Esau knelt on the cliff behind his house, fighting back tears. Local news headlines kept flashing in the back of his mind. Headlines like “SEARCH FOR KIDNAPPER CALLED OFF” and “LOCAL WOMAN PRESUMED DEAD.” Finally, he remembered the obituary he had read: “Rebekah Taylor is survived by her estranged ex-husband, Isaac Taylor, and their only son, sixteen-year-old Esau Taylor.”
His tears abruptly ceased and he rose to his feet. Beneath the cliff that he was standing on was a forest floor covered in slowly melting snow. There were exposed patches of rotten leaves scattered here and there. He closed his dark hazel eyes and let his other sense take the reins.
Esau listened to the wind whistling through the desolate branches overhead. He inhaled the cold, January air even though it stuck his sinuses. He spread his arms out wide and started to lean forward. He let happier memories fill his mind, but these thoughts were quickly interrupted.
A sound like thunder filled his ears and an invisible force pushed him back. He landed on his tailbone and let out a small sharp sound in pain. He looked at where he was standing moments ago, and saw a blinding light floating out over the edge of the cliff. He shielded his eyes and stood. A few moments later, the light dimmed to reveal an ornate door suspended in mid-air.
Esau was awestruck as he watched the doorknob slowly start to turn. It opened and Esau couldn’t believe what stepped out onto the cliff--a man with two faces!
The man had, where normally there would be ears, two faces projecting from the left and right sides of his head. His hair was in grey, and was styled in a long braid that hung down over the part of his head where there would normally be a single face. Esau assumed that there was probably another braid on the opposite side of the man’s body. The man’s skin was tan and his four eyes were all a dark brown color.
Esau guessed the man was a little over six feet tall. The two-faced man was dressed in robes of mismatched colors.
Esau started to tremble, and flinched when the figure before him extended its left hand. The hand looked normal; the only distinguishing figure was a strange, gold bracelet on its accompanying wrist.
“Come with me,” the man said. When he spoke, both of his mouths moved in perfect unison. “There is much that I must show you. You needn’t be...

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