A Lesson Learnt From ‘Failure’ Essay

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Life is full of failures and successes. However, there are some failures and successes that remain with you forever. This is because their impact is strong, and the lessons learnt from them stick with you forever. One such incidence of ‘failure’ had a very strong impact on my life, as the lesson I learnt from it was invaluable. This incidence was related to my efforts in acting career. The incidence took place in New Orleans.
I was in New Orleans to give one of the biggest auditions of my career so far. I took a yellow cab to the address given for the audition. The beautiful sunny day in New Orleans was reflecting my excitement and optimism perfectly. I entered the gray building, which was plain and barely noticeable due to being on a small street among the flood affected houses. I entered the building with nervousness, clenching the audition papers tightly in my hands. I was praying that all the lines that I had to say during the audition should stay in my head forever. A woman called my name and asked me to take the elevator to the second floor. The tension filled elevator ride took me to the second floor. As soon as I got out f the elevator, my heart sank deep with the sight in front of me. The hall was crowded with my doppelgangers that were there to get exactly the same thing that I was there to get. They were all there as “Christinas,” the only possible difference being in their talents and their acting styles. However, this difference was important as it was going to decide the ultimate fate of one of the “Christinas.”
I took the seat and waited for what seemed like an eternity. Finally, my name was called. I entered the casting producer’s office. I told my name and age, and the woman there began to read from the slide of Treme. The character that I had to act out was a young pregnant girl discussing her future actions with her mentor, the school’s band teacher. It was difficult to express the emotions and the body language of the character. Still, I left the room feeling very confident about my audition. After returning from the audition, I was trying my best to get it out of my head, but could not. Then, about two weeks later, the thing for which I was waiting...

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