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A Lesson Well Learned Essay

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A Lesson Learned Well It is the night of the Academy football game, and I just got my car a month ago. I made plans to meet Danielle, Scott, and Christina before the game starts to grab a bite to eat. "Be at Herbert's Mart at seven o'clock and we will all go to the game together," said Danielle. I stopped to pick up Christina on my way to town. She was telling me about a party that would be at Dyess Bridge. From what I understood form Christina, nobody was going to be at the game and most of our friends was going to be at the party. "Maybe we should skip the game, and go to the party like our friends," Christina said. I could tell that she really wanted to go to the party and I'm not really one for a football game. The only reason for going to any games is mainly to socialize with friends. Since our friends were going to be at the party, we should follow the crowd and go to the party. At the moment it made since to me, then we talked to Danielle. She was not too happy when we told her our plans. "What goes on at those parties's that could possibly be cool?" she asked. "Following the crowd and hanging out with a bunch of alcoholics is not very smart, and that is what all the people out there do. They are either high as a kite or drunk as my Aunt Rose. I do not think it would be a good idea to go." Christina was still dead set on going to the party, but I was beginning to have doubts. What if the cops come out there or my parents find out. I still wanted to go though, so I came up with a good idea. "Danielle," I replied, "I will drop Christina off at the party and I will meet you at the game later." "You are not leaving me at the party by myself," Christina stated. "I will stay at the party with you...

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1483 words - 6 pages them. Some of the guards treated prisoners well and in return they were treated fairly well during the riot. The government officials were very underhanded about how they handled negotiations and it led to an unnecessary massacre. The New York government blamed the inmates and then, in later years, only compensated the inmates and not the guards. This riot is important because it teaches us a lesson. It leaves us a precedent of how to handle unruly

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1008 words - 4 pages Brian went up to Beaver during recess and started singing "Beaver, Beaver, smelly fish eater." The fish song was stuck in everyone's heads for the rest of the day. Then one day at recess, when my friends and I were tired of playing tag and swinging on the monkey bars, we decided to find Beaver and torture him for our entertainment. Well, we found him, and after a few minutes, he did the usual bathroom routine. With 20 minutes still left to the

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1107 words - 5 pages Robert Hayden’s poem “Those Winter Sundays” is a concise poem that contains the themes of coming of age, and regret. The poem is written in first speaker narrative and from the perspective of the son. The speaker begins the poem by acknowledging his fathers routinely efforts for the family on Sunday mornings, those winter Sunday mornings. The poem is visual and the speaker describes the recollection of his father in an almost melancholic sense

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830 words - 3 pages out and not a get a divorce.People around the world must view the sinking of the Titanic as a lesson learned. No man should think he is greater than God, because if he does then God will surely prove you wrong. Everyone should lend a helping hand to those in need. If everyone followed the same values of Mr. and Mrs. Strauss then there would be no need for divorce. Until everyone learns from the sinking of the Titanic we will never see what God really wants humans to do on earth.

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1883 words - 8 pages -looking and well-bred Englishman. He was a young man, taller than average, broad-shouldered and massively built. To conceal his identity as The Scarlet Pimpernel he assumed the manners of a fop with a nonsensical conversation and a perpetual inane laugh. In reality, he was the bravest, most honorable, daring and intelligent man in all of Europe, who risked his life for the sake of others.Lady Marguerite St. Just, a member of the artistic Parisian

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1004 words - 4 pages . Modern audiences would find the humor as described by Tanner very foreign. Tanner points out the humor that the medieval audience would have understood as well as their possible reactions and feelings towards the play but failed to mention a modern day take on the play. Today, there are different approaches to teaching and the morality play was designed for the medieval audience therefore, modern audiences can not fully appreciate the original

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1941 words - 8 pages had IEP’s, the students focused and participated more in the lesson than on previous lessons. From this experience, I learned how important it is to make sure all students get the help they need to reach his/her full potential. The environment students learn in is discussed in the third InTASC. As the semester went on, I learned more and more about what type of environment students enjoyed most, as well as what environments they performed

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1209 words - 5 pages StreamReader object when you want to read existing text from a file and use it as input. Lesson C closed out the chapter by taking us through the steps of coding the entire CD collection application that we tested at the beginning of the chapter. We incorporated most of the things that we learned from lessons A and B in the final code of this application. Chapter 11 introduced us to classes and objects, as well as a bunch of new programming

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1226 words - 5 pages are very easy to obtain and are very easy on a teacher’s wallet. For the next part of my lesson, I had my students walk over to my desk so that they can hear the instructions as well as see my demonstration of what they need to do. My instructions were to take a crayon and draw a squiggly line down the middle of the paper. Next, they would continue to draw squiggly lines parallel to the original line, to fill up the page. Lastly, once they have

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920 words - 4 pages were prepared and the lesson was well planned in advance. I also had a copy of the lesson plan printed to ensure I did not forget anything. The subject matter was related to the coursework being taught by other eight grade teachers at that time. The group was great for the diversity needed in the class. While listening to the taping, I notice that my voice and most are the student’s voice was appropriate for the lesson. I continued to make eye

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896 words - 4 pages interesting. For some reason, I don’t know if the Dragon King is just an idiot, but I think he got his point and I’m sure the rabbit ran away, because well, the rabbit just tricked the DRAGON KING, and that is not good. Reading this didn’t change me or make me think, “Wow, I learned something.” But, I guess after reading this folktale, I can learn more lesson in life one step at a time. Anyways, after reading this not gross, weird but normal story, I

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A Lesson Well Learned Essay

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1527 words - 6 pages is what I learned now later in my later years. For me high school was the place where you can take your own big risks, but still be able to pick up the pieces if things fell apart. Trying new things and challenging myself to explore previously uncharted territory that helped me figure out who I really was.High school is like a sport and I knew I had to either get right on the team or if not try something else or just plainly quit school

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1195 words - 5 pages A Lesson Learned Too Late in King Lear      In the first half of the play, King Lear struggles with the problem of authority and the consequences of giving his own authority away.  Lear’s eventual loss of sanity is a result of his ill judgement and unwillingness to part with his power as king.  Yet, the issue of authority is not the only theme that is being dealt with in the play.  King Lear is also about Lear’s search for identity and