A Lesson With A Reward Essay

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Senior year in high school is one that people look forward to their entire lives. It is a year with many memories and the ending of a chapter in your life. Although I was excited about what was to come, I was more stressed about my classes. I was determined to get a high GPA and to finish strong. I was always a confident student and did fairly well in my classes. My confidence in myself quickly went away after receiving my schedule. As I was reading my list of teachers I noticed a name that I hoped wouldn’t be on there, Mrs. Smiley. I was immediately stressed because her reputation wasn’t the best. I was told by her past students that she was very knowledgeable but when it came to her ...view middle of the document...

She pulled my essay out and it seemed as if her red ink pen had exploded everywhere. All I could think was how horrible of a writer I was. I just knew she was going to yell at me for everyone to hear. Surprisingly, she told me that my essay was well written, however, my grammatical errors far outweighed the good. I quickly realized that writing isn’t simply just about content and telling a story, but writing it correctly. No one wants to read a story that isn’t structured correctly.
Throughout the semester she drilled in our heads how to use punctuation, sentence structure, word usage, and also MLA. I never quite realized how important these aspects were until I received my wake-up call from my first essay. As many people say, practice makes perfect. I worked day by day on my writing skills and was looking forward to our last essay assignment for the year. Our topics were given and I was stressing over every detail and getting the structure flawless. Our grades were soon returned and I made a B. I was hoping for an A, but I was very satisfied. I never...

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