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A Letter For You Essay

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There we were, young and in love, walking hand in hand to Charles’s car after the dance had ended. It was a cold, December night but despite the temperature it was absolutely beautiful outside. A delicate layer of snow from the previous night covered the ground, Christmas decorations were everywhere, and lights shimmered and glistened against the dark of the night.
“Let’s go for a drive!” Charles said as he smiled brightly.
“Oh, I suppose,” I replied with a grin.
And so that’s what we did, we drove. With childlike wonder we looked at the lights, watched folks stroll down the sidewalk and just enjoyed the company of one another.
“Charles you know what I never realized before?”
“What’s that?” he asked.
“I never realized how, how beautiful it this time of year, especially at night. How the snow covers the trees, the way the lights hit the snow, the way it sparkles, everything. It’s all so perfect.”
I watched Charles as he looked out the window, staying quiet as he thought and looked around the scenery that surrounded us.
“Wow,” he responded in amazement, “it is.”
We continued to drive, soaking in our surroundings, and before we knew it and hour had passed since we had left the dance.
“Well we best head on our way home,” Charles said with a sigh.
And just as we started on our way home it happened, and happened fast. While even to this day I cannot remember all of it, there are parts I will never forget. I remember being pulled from the automobile, screaming Charles’s name over and over again. I remember looking into the flames, confused and disorientated.
Before I knew it I awoke, lying in a hospital bed, surrounded by doctors and nurses.
“Doctor Michaels, she’s awake.”
“Okay thank you for telling me,” a man whom I assumed was Dr. Michaels replied. “Ma’am...

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