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A Letter To A Author Essay

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9 Hainault Road Friday 25th September 2009

9 Hainault Road Friday 25th September 2009




Dear Darren Shan.

I am a person who doesn't read unless there is a book report due. I can ...view middle of the document...

After I read your book, Bec, I have been very open to a lot of other books.

It was an engrossing story about a young girl in a different culture. As a trainee priestess fighting to keep away the demonata it indulges me deeply wanting me to read more and more

My favourite character was Ronan and Lorcan- Two red-haired brothers both only just 16 who fight demons as if possessed There younger brother was killed by a demon so they fight to avenge his death.

I think the why you described each character and each scene makes each reader feel like they are in the actual book and it grips you for hours on end.

I hope you get my letter

Alfie Holt

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