A Letter To A Friend About Education And Generation

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Dear Ethyl,I was reading this article the other day called "Finding Your Own Voice"(1) . I think it was by some lady named Anne Lamott. I found it truly offensive! She talks about her students and how they will pattern themselves around successful writers they enjoy reading. Then she says she hopes her students will learn to open new doors in search of their true self. The nerve of this lady! She goes on and on about searching those dark, deep, smelly chasms hidden deep within ourselves and how here, more likely than not, we will find our inspiration and our true voice. Does she not remember what she learned in grade school? Does she not understand the good, traditional values of the American Education System or of American Society? I believe she has forgotten completely of what the true and inspirational definition of conformity is. Does she not understand that we must pattern ourselves around those who are successful, and maybe, just maybe, one day we will get a glimpse of what success and all the glory that follows? Without conformity where would our education system be? Where would our country be? Why, I remember in my days teachers didn't put up with some of these hair-brained schemes and ideas that are let loose in the classrooms today. I've even heard that some teachers are letting students choose what they want to write. And when they want to write it! I can hardly believe that. Next thing you know they will be letting students choose what classes they wish to take. God help us, then the country will really be in shambles. Yes, in my day there were rigid rules of writing, stylized by a few great writers one must adhere to before they were to attempt writing on their own. Our teacher gave us topics of good people such as presidents. Good role models like Richard Nixon, Harry S. Truman (god bless him), and the Roosevelt's. We adhered to these inspirational speakers and hoped that deep down inside we could give back to our fellow man what illuminating inspiration they gave to us. We only hoped we were half the person as they. We held these figures high in our school systems and started each day with prayer and "The Pledge"(2). Teachers were strict and wouldn't hear nonsensical ideas of breaking away from boundaries and restraints of society. I mean, those boundaries wouldn't have been there in the first place if they didn't need to be. We must learn to conform and accept or fated roles in society because you can't change things like that and why should you? The good lord wouldn't have written the "Good Book" if the world were supposed to be hedonistic and self-serving. I even hear people now days talking about Jesus like he were some kind of a hippie. Some say in his lost writings He stated He wanted us to be free, and free to...

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