A Life Ended Before It Even Had The Opportunity To Live

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How would someone feel if someone took away their ability to live? Imagine not having any say in whether or not they want to be alive. Babies don’t have any choice while in their mother’s womb! Abortion is one of the most common issues that our society is dealing with today. “About 1 in 4 people are not living because of abortions. Over 1.3 million abortions are done yearly in the USA and 43 million worldwide” (Abortion Medical facts)! Some people state that they think abortions are okay in certain circumstances, like if the baby will kill the mother while giving birth, or if the woman is raped, But in reality less than 1% of abortions are performed to save the mother and because of rape . Researchers have stated that if the woman has been pregnant for about 8 weeks and more, the baby that is being aborted can feel the pain. While “88.7% of all abortions take place by the twelfth week of pregnancy” (Operation Rescue). Having an abortion is wrong because life begins at conception so its murder, there are better options, and it can cause serious medical complications later in life.
First and foremost, having an abortion is murder to the most vulnerable being in the world. An abortion is the same as taking away a humans ability to live which is immoral. Professor Paul Campos at the University of Colorado explains it by saying “whether or not abortion should be legal turns on the question of whether and at which point a fetus is a person…” A fetus becomes a person at conception. Late president Ronald Reagan wrote while he was in office “the real question today is not when human life begins, but what is the value of human life? The real question is whether that a fetus has the right to be protected by law”. Some people do not believe that an embryo or a fetus is a separate human person. They say it’s just a bundle of human cells that is entirely dependent on the mother nutrients. But in reality they don’t realize that a fetus has great potential to become a person, saying that, it deserves to be treated with respect! Every single abortion ends the life of an innocent human being.
Other than being murder, there are better options than having an abortion. Having unplanned pregnancies usually make the woman feel frightened, panicked, and trapped. If a woman realizes that she is pregnant, and does not want to be, there are plenty of other options. She could always go ahead and keep the child but if she does not have a reliable partner and supportive family she will have to depend on herself to provide what she and the baby needs. If she is unable to care for the baby herself but is still willing to go on with the pregnancy she could always give it to an agency and they will find someone to adopt the baby. However, giving your own child up for adoption can be heartbreaking after going through nine months of carrying the baby and actually giving the birth. Having an abortion is not the option!
There are several different serious complications when having an...

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