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A Life Lesson Behind The Arthurian Legends

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It is said that achievements only occur with focus and planning, but the best realizations are the unexpected. The notable characteristic of a romantic hero is an example of a genetic structure, or common element, in the Arthurian legends. These uncommon attributes of certain characters lead to circumstances that evidence the underlying message of the Arthurian legends in three traditional tales. Authors, Malory and White, use the unique ability of romantic heroes to show that great fulfillment comes from unplanned events.
To begin, in “The Crowning of Arthur”, the talented Malory provides the character of Merlin with an exceptional skill, magical powers. Merlin uses these powers to help Uther disguise himself as the Duke of Tintagil in Cornwall, a man whose wife Uther coveted. Igraine, the wife, conceives a child when she is with Uther, who at the time is pretending to be the duke. The beautiful Igraine later learns that the duke was killed during that time. Uther and Igraine get married. Uther confides in his wife that Merlin’s unusual talent allowed him to pretend to be her husband, the duke, for the night. Igraine is delighted to know that her son’s father is her husband (Malory, The Crowning of Arthur 1065-1068). Igraine doesn’t plan on her duke husband dying, but as a result she marries a new man and with him gives birth to one of Camelot’s greatest leaders. None of which would have occurred if this story’s romantic hero, Merlin, had not possessed magical powers. This proves that Malory’s use of a romantic hero’s unique ability lead to chance circumstances that lead to fulfillment at its best.
Next, White puts the extra-ordinary characteristic of a hero to use in “Arthur Becomes a King”, by giving Arthur the ability to talk to forest animals and dislodge a sword from a coarse stone. Wart (later known as Arthur) is traveling with people with whom he lives, Sir Ector and Kay, to a medieval tournament. Kay forgets his sword. Wart goes to find a sword for his “brother”. Wart sees a sword in a large stone. At last, he has found a sword to bring back to Kay. The problem is he cannot get the sword out of the stone. With little time, he calls for the help of majestic Merlin. Many forest animals talk to Wart and give him encouragement. Wart is finally able to withdraw the sword from the stone. Sir Ector tells Wart that the King of Camelot can only dislodge the sword. Wart is now King Arthur (White 753-758). Absentminded Kay definitely did not plan to leave his sword at home because with out it he would be eliminated from the...

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