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Learning is parallel to fashion, and not in the way that both cost a great deal of money, but how both are never finished. New styles and trends come out every year, and just as most people think they have the latest and greatest another style is introduced. Learning occurs everyday, and as time goes on an individual begins to expand his volume of learning, but he never finishes learning because there are always new lessons being introduced, or passed on. In different stages of life morals, identity, and the ability to teach are learned.
Childhood is an important time for learning basic motor skills, and speaking. The early stages are crucial, but parents often forget that children can ...view middle of the document...

As the teenager begins to establish a sense of identity, teens start to experiment with different roles, activities and behaviors. A seventeen year old has aspirations to grow up to become an athlete, but after failed attempts, decides to pursue a different career path. Past failures lead to role confusion in adolescents, and teens may begin to feel confused or insecure about themselves and how they fit in to society. Successes for an individual will promote confidence, and higher self-esteem. The adolescent stage of life is crucial to finding ones true identity, and once the identity is finally discovered, the self-esteem of the individual can increase drastically.
It is often said, that with age comes knowledge and wisdom. The older a person lives to be does not directly equate to direct intellect, but a broader sample size of life experiences. ”I have seen my moment of greatness flicker”(Eliot 591), age begins to creep on all individuals quickly, so there is always a sense of urgency with leaving a lasting legacy. It can be leaving behind a...

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