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A Life Well Lived Essay

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As a young girl at 14, I used to reminisce about the future, how badly I wanted to grow up, to drive, to be popular in high school, go to college and land an amazing job, have a huge home, nice cars, and an extremely handsome husband. The older I got, the more I began to realize all of the things I once desired for were not what I truly wanted. I began to realize the value of happiness, adventure, and creating memories rather than the value of temporary popularity, material items, and physical appearances. What I realized was that when one is lying on their deathbed, because the only thing guaranteed in life is death, they will not think, “oh what a lovely car I drove” but rather, “I remember when I went on my first road trip with my friends.” As mentioned in “Tuesdays With Morrie” by Mitch Albom, Morrie emphasizes the idea, “once you learn how to die, you learn how to live,” meaning, remembering that one day we will all depart from this world, one will realize what it truly means to live. Another pointer that can essentially alter one’s vision of living life: to live simply, as discussed in “Where I Lived and What I Live For” by David Henry Thoreau. Although thinking about death is a harsh reality on a young teenager, it is rather helpful to wrap our heads around it at a young age. Why? because as one grows older, they will see more death. Living a simple life may seem boring to a young teenager, but as one grows older and their schedules become bustled with work, and responsibilities, they will wish that they could step back, and choose a simple lifestyle.

What I found is that if one were to sit down, and think of their future realistically, they could certainly find an approach on life that will not cause one to regret their life choices as they approach death later. Rather than fantasizing about how big of a house one wishes to reside in, think about the person one would live with in that empty bungalow. What is the purpose of an oversized home when one does not anyone to share it with. Empty rooms, echoing walls, and loneliness; what good is a mansion when one looks back on how they spent their life? There is nothing wrong with owning a mansion; if one can afford it, by all means buy it, but will focusing on the vast square footage of the home truly make you happy is the question. I say live simply, and invest in travelling.

When I look back on my 18 and a half years of life, the memories I recall the most are the vacations, and adventure I embarked on. I have stories to tell from my months in Pakistan, weeks in New York, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Saudi Arabia, and I plan on travelling more. This relates back to Morrie’s advice to live before it’s too late, when you are ill and weary. Travel before one’s body is not allowed to leave the perimeter of a bed, before it becomes difficult to enjoy a simple stroll around the neighborhood. Travelling doesn’t necessarily mean glamorous vacations that require extensive expenses, travelling could also be...

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