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A Career In Sports Management Essay

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Choosing a career is one of the most important decisions a person will make in their life. Most people try to pick the career with the best financial gain and something they would like to do for the rest of their life. Foremost it is wise to see what the job entails. Sport Management is perfect for those who enjoy helping and working with people, especially when dealing with sports. The next part of the decision-making process is looking through the various schooling and training required. Lastly, take into consideration the advantages and disadvantages. Usually with great salaries comes a big responsibility with high stress. “The sports industry in the U.S. is a $200-billion-dollar-plus powerhouse, with superstar athletes, lucrative endorsement deals, and all the free press an ego can handle” (Lawyue 1). The profession of a sport management professional has a very specific work description, requires specific schooling and training, and comes with a variety of benefits and disadvantages.
As time progresses, watching and supporting sports is becoming more and more popular as a main source of entertainment. Many people have found ways to connect their jobs with their passion of sports. “The multibillion-dollar sports industry offers employment opportunities for management, marketing, and supervisory professionals at all levels of competition” (Sports Management 1). Depending on a person’s interests, there are jobs in professional, amateur, and even school sports. Once a person decides on a sport management career, it needs to be determined which area he or she more specifically wants to go into based on his or her interests and abilities.
There is a wide range of groups who employ sport management professionals such as academic institutions, major and minor league franchises, management consulting firms, independent sports marketing, sporting goods companies, and independent sports confederations like the Professional Golfers Association (Sports Management 1).
No matter what career is selected, they all play an important role in managing a team. It is not necessary to be in a set position either as change is very common in this industry.
The career of a sport management professional offers a large number of various positions. One such career is that of a director who specializes in promotion and development. “Promotion and development directors are hired by sports teams and school athletic programs to design and implement promotional campaigns that will increase ticket sales” (Sports Management 1). The biggest part of their job is to provide a profit for the organization they are working for. Directors set up opportunities for the sports team to make money off of sponsors. They also set up deals with advertisers to pay a sum of money in exchange for their ads or products to be listed or shown at their sporting event (Sports Management 1). Good advertising and production of cash flow go hand in hand...

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