A Career In Sports Marketing Essay

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A Career in Sports Marketing
The business of sports is one of the fastest growing industries in the country. All over the world, many people participate as players and spectators in a variety of sporting activities, creating opportunities for the marketing of a company’s goods and services. An important part of the business of sports is sports marketing, which revolves around understanding consumer behavior and motivating target markets to purchase goods and services. Sports marketing at Clemson University has many different aspects ranging from sports and technology and sport law to sponsorship and sports economics.
“Sports marketing is simply any sales or publicity-related activity associated with an organized sporting event (or events), its personalities, or the celebrity lifestyle of its participants” (Schaaf 22). There are two components of sports marketing: the marketing of sport and marketing through sports. Marketing of sport consists of the actual marketing of a particular sport such as football or baseball. This includes, but is not limited to, signage, endorsements, print media, broadcast media, billboards, and news media. Examples of marketing through endorsements are Michael Jordan wearing Nike shoes or John Elway drinking Coors Beer. Any type of media that mentions a team or athletic organizations is an example of marketing through the use of media. There are also many other ways of actually marketing or promoting the sporting event.
Unlike marketing of sports which consists of marketing before and after a particular event, marketing through sports consists of marketing or promoting a particular product at a sporting event or in conjunction with a sporting event. This includes, but is not limited to, signage at the stadium, promotions during event, and free give-a-ways. Every professional team or athlete participates in some kind of marketing or promotion. Not only do the “major leagues” participate in the marketing process but so do the smaller, “minor leagues” do as well. Every athletic organization, big or small, needs sports marketing for its survival. Sports marketing is needed because it helps the athletic organizations obtain profit, which is needed for survival.
“For a promotion to be successful, it must be profitable. And to be profitable, it must enhance some, if not all, of the following goals: 1. Paid attendance, 2. Corporate tie-ins, 3. Sponsor value, and 4. Media coverage” (Helitzer 317). Promotions must increase the number of people at the event, or paid attendance, it also must enhance corporate tie-ins, which are signs or give-a-ways at the stadium. Sponsor value, or the value perceived by the sponsor must also be enhanced along with media coverage. Media coverage is enhanced by sending the local or national media sources bulletins about the events or by having press conferences. A strategy that a sports marketer must use is to stagger the promotional gimmicks...

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