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Abigail Smith Adams were borne on November 11,1744. Her parents were Reverend William Smith and Elizabeth Quincy Smith. She had two sisters named Mary Smith Cranch and Elizabeth Smith Shaw Peabody and one brother named William Smith. She lived in a rich family, and her parents had lots of money. She is known as a silent hero to the country.

Abigail Adams was the wife of John Adams, the first Vice President, and the second President of the United State. She was important for being an unofficial adviser of John Adams and her extensive correspondence. She was a former first lady as a writer. In her time back then, it was normal for girls for not attending school.

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She and her children did what they could to care for the soldiers. Abigail also went through war, pain, and disease. Abigail, alone on her own is able to run the household, farm, and educated her children. Which follows the American Revolutionary War next, from 1775-1783. During this time Abigail struggles alone with wartime storages, lack of income, and difficult living conditions.

In 1776, while traveling with John to Paris, Abigail and her children are inoculated for smallpox. So she had a doctor that give her and her children vaccine. Three hundred people that she lived close with all had the same disease, so it wouldn’t be a good idea to stay immune.

After the revolution, Abigail Adams joined her husband in France and later in England where he served as the first American minister from 1785 to 1788. When John became vice president the next year, Abigail stayed with him in the capitol, which is Philadelphia at that time, for only part of the time. She often returned to Massachusetts to look after her and John’s farm and tend other business matters. When Abigail was in the capitol, she also helped the First Lady Martha Washington with entertaining dignitaries and other officials.

On 1797, John became the president of the United States. Abigail was very proud! She stay supported and confidante. On November 1, 1800, she and John became the first residents to enter the newly constructed President’s House, which as we known today as the White House.

The significant contribution that Abigail provided is standing up for...

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