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A Literary Analysis Of Security Sector Reforms Around The World

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Throughout the history of our world, there have been many times in which countries go to war. To name a few of these instances, there are World War I, World War II, Vietnam War, Korean War, the Syrian Civil War, and many others. All of these wars eventually end, and soon the nations are back to peace, although sometimes the countries go through a political transition. One way that countries get to peace is by security sector reform. According to Anderlini, author of Security Sector Reform, security sector reform can be defined as organizations that have authority or orders to use force to protect the state and civilians. An example of security sector reform would be the United States' airport security system after the attack of September 11, 2001. After the terrorist attack, our national airport security systems became much more secure. We now have searches and long security checks on people. Security sector reforms contributes to sustainable peace.
From Batman, to Superman, and Spiderman, there are many heroes that we have heard of. Batman is a normal guy that fights for good in the streets to help his city. Superman has super strength and other powers that he got from living on a different plant. Spiderman got bit by a special type of spider that gave him spider-like abilities. All super heroes are unique in their own ways, but there is one in particular that not many people know about, Beowulf. Beowulf was maybe the first super hero to ever come about. Standing nearly eight feet tall, and ripped to the bone, Beowulf was a super hero in his own way, he had strength like no other man on earth. In the epic poem, “Beowulf,” he is portrayed as the hero because he does good deeds, shows bravery, and saves the day.
Initially, Beowulf is considered a hero because of his good deeds. Just like Superman, saving kittens out of trees and putting out fires with his super breath, Beowulf does good deeds. Beowulf travels to a far off land to save people from a monster named Grendel. Grendel is a monster that has been eating and torturing people, so Beowulf went to go kill him. This therefore establishes Beowulf as a hero, just like superman. Although Superman is just a tad bit different, they both do good deeds for people, and are considered heroes.
Second of all, Beowulf is considered a hero because he shows bravery. Just like Batman, and his fear of bats, Beowulf overcomes any fears and shows bravery to fight Grendel the monster while no one else has the courage to do so. Grendel had been killing many men and scaring many people. Everyone was scared of Grendel because of this, everyone except for Beowulf! Beowulf put on his big boy boots and fought Grendel to the death! Just like Batman, Beowulf has no fears and shows bravery and courage in fighting for good, and saving people.
In addition, Beowulf is considered a hero because he saves the day! Just like Spiderman, defeating the Green Goblin, Beowulf saves the day by defeating Grendel the monster....

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