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A book titled Taken, by Edward Bloor is a fascinating story of adventure and kidnapping that is set in the year 2035. In this futuristic book, kidnapping is a rather common practice. Children that are raised by very rich families were often the ones that are kidnapped, or "taken" because the parents could provide more ransom money. For this reason, all rich children would move in highly secured neighborhoods, and hire butlers that doubled as security guards. The children were then required to take classes on what to do if they are taken. In the story the protagonist, Charity Meyers wakes up in an ambulance and discovers that she has been taken. She follows all of her training and ...view middle of the document...

One of the kidnappers reveals to the protagonist that he is her butler that had been protecting her for several years. The protagonist thought that her butler was dead, so she was very shocked when he exposed himself. Another of the kidnappers eventually took off a disguise that he had been wearing and admitted to the protagonist that he is her father. Also, the last kidnapper reveals himself to be named Dessi, the butler's nephew. This new information alone, however, does not convince the reader that these evil kidnappers are now good people. That is why the author uses another method to convince the reader to empathize with the antagonists.
The second approach that the author uses to get the reader to empathize with is to make the reader pity the kidnappers. The author wants us to feel sorry for the them. He does this by causing the antagonists to tell the protagonist about the misfortunate things that have happened to them. For example, the butler explains to the protagonist about the loss of his sister. So even though the reader may still think of the butler as an evil person, it is hard not to feel some sort of pity for the butler. The author also has the father tell of things that have been hard for him, such as the death of the protagonist's mother. He also explains that he has been playing a part, attempting to be someone that he is not. This causes the reader to sympathize for the father, despite the fact that he has kidnapped his own daughter. The last kidnapper, the one known as Dessi, explains that he is merely a person that is still upset over the fact that his mother could not get health care and died. The author has these...

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