A Literature Review About Mecication Errors And The 6 Rights To Medication Administration.

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TABLE OF CONTENTSIntroduction...............................................................................................3Summaries of Journal Articles......................................................................3Key Aspects: Medication Errors and their Causes.............................................. 4Impact on Client Care.................................................................................5Strategies to prevent Medication Errors ..........................................................6Conclusion.............................................................................................9References...........................................................................................11(Peer Reviewed Articles are Attached)IntroductionAn error rate of 5% is acceptable in most industries, however, in the health care industry; one single error can result in death. (Berntsen, 2004, p5) This paper discusses medication errors in relation to pharmacology and drug treatment. It will summarize three academic peer reviewed journal articles, followed by general information in relation to medication errors, the impact of medication errors on client care, strategies to prevent medication errors and conclude with the relationship to nursing.Summary of Articles Related to Medication Errors.The first article is by Karin Berntsen, 2004, and is entitled "How Far Has Health Care Come Since 'To Err is Human'? Exploring Use of Medical Error Data". This is a review of what changes have been made since a medication error report written by the Institute of Medicine was published in 1999. This article depicts how the health care system has changed since this 1999 report was written, and how the information was utilized for our benefit. They concluded that in the USA, medical errors were one of the top 8 leading causes of death. They reported the cost for these errors was between $17 Billion to $29 billion dollars. Until a new report is completed, health care providers will be unaware whether their goals in increasing patient safety were accomplished. The article finalizes that there has been progress in regards to prevention of medication errors and health care leaders feel passionate about increasing patient safety. (Berntsen 2004)The second article is by William N. Kelly, 2004, and is titled "Medication Errors: Lessons Learned and Actions Needed" and highlights the death of a one year old child who was diagnosed with cancer. She subsequently died, not from the cancer, but from receiving an incorrect dosage of a drug that she was being treated with. This report indicates that medications are systematically checked and balanced and errors are usually caught before a drug is administered to a patient. The article states that problems are not being solved in a timely manner since the industry has been "putting 'band aids' on problems that need 'major surgery'.(Kelly 2004). In conclusion, the article questions whether or not they are taking...

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