A Literature Review Of The Four Frame Modules Management Research Paper

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Four Framework Model

The four Frame Model is a paradigm that enhances understanding of ambiguity and complexity associated with organizational behavior. It offers the stages of organization’s lifespan from diagnosis, development, and change. Ideally, the framework views organizations in four perspectives, that is, structural, human resource, political, and symbolic frames. Leadership and corporate review provide precious theories, ideas, and frameworks concerning organizational view. Since people work in complex relationships, frameworks provide tools that allow a manager to internalize surrounding and people (Senge, 2014). Therefore, each frame contains assumptions that assist people to understand issues about corporations. This articles analyzes views from different authors concerning four-frame model a necessary managerial tool. Gaining extensive of the four framework offers an insight into solving the most conflicts in organizations.
First, structural frame covers aspects such as goals, roles, relationships, technology, and coordination among them. Bolman & Deal (2015) argue leaders must think or sink concerning suitable organizational structure. The authors assert that corporate characteristics such as responsibilities, division of labor, rules, procedures, policies, and systems, are critical. Managers should ensure that they establish a proper structure that facilitates the flow of information quickly and efficiently. Therefore, an organization must have well-defined hierarchy and recognized by all stakeholders. Without such clear hierarchical arrangement, organizations could be chaotic due to lack of guiding system. Gracia-Morales, Jiménez-Barrionuevo & Gutiérrez-Gutiérrez (2012) suggest that transformational leadership is possible through learning and innovation, which has a direct influence on performance. That is, business learning only succeeds with clears structures and role allocation, which promotes the suitable flow of information (Hanks, 2015). Leaders must involve employees and other partners when designing organizational structure to avoid creating s system that is not viable.
Second, human resource frame pays attention to understanding individual and their relationships within workplaces. Without a doubt, people have needs, feelings, fears, and prejudice that encompass their abilities to do work. Janz & Honken (2013) suggest that this frame allows leaders to concentrate on and understand the relation between organizations and individuals. Understanding people and meeting their needs facilitate achievement of organizational objectives as well (Zott, Amit, & Massa, 2011). Furthermore, tasks completion depends on how workers feel about the job and organization itself. Fundamentally, the frame forms the core of business because, without employees, the organization has no purpose. While reviewing the evolution of human resource, Deadrick & Stone (2014) notes that employee's management is dynamic due to generational change and...

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