A Lonely Attitude Essay

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A person’s view of their surroundings can display their emotions and attitude towards life. In Robert Frost’s “Desert Places”, the narrator is standing in the middle of an empty and deserted field. It is snowing and the field is almost looks like a white sheet of snow except for some stubble that is showing through the grass. Around the field is a forest, which is full of animals that are hiding from the cold. The narrator feels lonely for unknown reasons. Robert Frost uses the scenery in “Desert Places” to describe the emotions of an abandoned and isolated person.

Frost uses two types of imagery, visual and auditory, to convey the narrator’s sense of loneliness. In the first stanza, Frost uses visual imagery. He first tells the reader that since “the night is falling fast”, it is almost nighttime (1). He describes the setting, telling the reader that there is “snow falling” into “a field” which is covering “the ground” “in snow” except for “a few weeds and stubble”(1-4). This view of the imagery helps the reader understand the narrator’s loneliness. Instead of using words that convey the loneliness and emotions of the narrator, he instead describes the field to reflect the his emotions. In the second stanza, Frost describes the scenery surrounding the field in the same way. He explains that there are “woods around” the field (5). Inside the forest there is “animals [that] are smothered in their lairs” (6). The description of the forest also connects to how lonely the narrator is. Even the animals that are usually roaming around this field are hiding and nowhere to be seen. It shows how deserted the field is and how deserted the narrator feels. Frost also uses Auditory imagery to describe the scenery. Frost doesn’t exactly use sound but instead, he uses the lack of sound. The quietness of the scenery helps also convey how deserted the field is. Not even the animals are making noises. This reflects on how the narrator feels lonely. He feels truly, deserted and alone. Frost also manipulates figurative language to convey the narrator’s loneliness.

The personification of the scenery provides more information about the emotions of the narrator. In the second stanza, Frost personifies the “woods around” the field (5). He says that the “ have” the field, it is theirs” (5). Frost is referring that the woods own the field instead of a farmer or person. This contributes to...

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