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A Long Drop From A Short Rope

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As the icy cold blade glided smoothly over the wrist, twenty four prescription pain killers slid effortlessly down the throat; waiting for the numb, blissful kiss of death to set in. Teenage depression had gotten all too serious for Jace McMillan. The years of relentless bullying, physical pain, and emotional instability resulted in a simple text sent to my phone, "I'm sorry Marcus, and never forget that I love you."
Having met one of my best friends online, with the sole form of communication over text, options were limited. Not a single form of outreach to either parent or even a simple Facebook to contact a friend. Knowing full well what this amazing man was capable of, my mind immediately went to the worst, my heart sank. Having dealt with depression and warning signs before, I knew exactly what had happened.
Helpless to do anything, not a single contact number to call, I was scared. For the first time ...view middle of the document...

The last text "I'm scared.." forever carved deep into my heart.
The minutes turned to hours, the hours to days, all without a single form of communication from my best friend. My emotions stopped, my breathing slowed, still keeping the one shred of hope that he was alright. The sixth night was crystal clear, rain beat against my window and I couldn't shake the thought of him from my brain, I was on my phone and reopened a months old text. "You came like crashing thunder through these walls of stone, You came like wide eyed wander into this great unknown, hush now don't be afraid I promise you I'll always stay I'm never that far away from you." I emotionally lost it, cried for the first time all week, my heart was beating, this text he had sent me months before sent life into my body once again. I felt him right there, I could feel him watching out for me and knew he was looking out for me.
The next morning, in one last desperate attempt to show him that he had changed my life, I took time to send a text to him, pouring out all my feelings, that he'd changed my life, how he gave me love when I needed it most, and I spared no emotion through what seemed like this book o fa text. After writing for what seemed like an hour I sent the message, within minutes the 'D' shifted to an 'R,' my message was read? My heart began to pound when I saw a reply being typed! It was a text from Jace, my friend who was dead all week? Thankfully someone had stepped where I could not and brought him to a hospital where his stomach was pumped and both of us were too terrified to text the other.
Jace taught me a lesson, more than just suicide and depression awareness, which I knew all too well was more prevalent in society, he taught me human compassion, he made me not sympathize but empathize. Sympathy teaches to pity, empathy teaches understanding, empathy changes the world. When he messaged me back hope was brought back into my life. Suicide awareness has become a passion of mine,with the mark on my wrist and in my heart became a semicolon. A semicolon is used when a sentence could have been ended; but it wasn't.

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