A Long History Of Disasters Have Constantly Hurt Filipinos

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Earthquakes, typhoons, floods – all are parts of nature’s arsenal. Hundreds, even thousands of lives have ended because of what nature has done. Part of the damage is nature’s fault, but at the same time, people aren’t always prepared, and they don’t know how to react after. Specifically, people in the Philippines are no strangers to natural disasters. Not all of this devastation has to happen, but the Philippines lacks preparation for disasters, and in addition, it has a difficult time mitigating the madness. Just recently, over six thousand people have been reported dead after Typhoon Haiyan struck in 2013. Time is of the essence when it comes to solving this lack of preparation since nature takes no breaks, meaning people will continue to suffer. Previous groups of people have tried to solve this problem, but lack of funding and commitment has led to many areas still being completely vulnerable. To properly prepare the Filipino for these events, government leaders, private organizations, and many other people have to bring a sense of seriousness to the table, meaning that no funds can be squandered, and that every community, however small or remote, will be prepared with plans, rations, and shelters when adversity hits. Solving this problem may take years, but it will leave Filipinos with a much better chance of surviving these disasters.
A Long History of Disasters Have Constantly Hurt Filipinos
The people of the Philippines have always been threatened by natural disasters. In 2013 alone, Filipinos all over the country had to deal with numerous tropical storms and earthquakes, the strongest ones being Typhoon Haiyan and the Bohol earthquake on October 15. Other natural disasters in the Philippines include Tropical Storm Uring of 1991, which killed over five thousand people, and Typhoon Pablo of 2012, leaving roughly two thousand people missing or dead. Ridiculous amounts of money are needed when it comes to repairing infrastructure and helping people recover, but adversity does not stop here. Calamities will continue to strike the Philippines, and with factors like global warming making the conditions worse, history will only repeat itself if no extra steps are taken. The Filipino people should work to prepare themselves for the future; otherwise they will just continue to suffer.
Filipino Environment is Highly Vulnerable to Devastation
To add on, the Philippines is already disaster-prone due to their vulnerable environment, yet people have done little to prepare their communities. In their book Mining and Natural Hazard Vulnerability in the Philippines, William Holden and Daniel Jacobson expound on how Filipino mining puts the landscape and environment at a disadvantage when it comes fighting natural disasters. Multiple cases of malpractice (illegal logging, excessive mining) have led to the ruination of tons of Filipino land; in addition, these actions have also contributed to damaging Earth’s atmosphere, which leads to global warming, a...

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