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A Long Night Essay

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It had been a nice night. Having invited John over for dinner, Molly made dinner for the four of them, having invited Mrs Hudson upstairs for the meal. John had seen how Sherlock had eaten the meal prepared by Molly without a single complaint, seeing that the consulting detective was actually enjoying the meal and not eating it to spare Molly’s feelings. He was right though, John thought the meal delicious and perhaps had one too many servings of it. He could not deny it though, Molly was the best thing that had happened to Sherlock and now they were dating it was so much more clear.

The way he looked at his girlfriend was unlike anything John had ever seen from him before and he knew that ...view middle of the document...

All he knew just then was that they were coming from underneath him on the next floor down.

He rolled over onto his side, hearing how the noises changed. At first they had seemed like giggles and laughter and now it had changed entirely. Heavy breathing, gasps, moans, squeaking of springs. Eyes flying open a minute later, John realised what it was that he was hearing just in time to hear a squeal of ‘Sherlock!’ clearly coming from Molly.

"Oh god," he groaned, pushing his head under the pillow in an attempt to block out the noises coming from downstairs. He remembered Mrs Hudson going on once about the walls being too thin here. He’d thought nothing of it, thinking that she had been mishearing things or making it up entirely. It was clear now that she had not been.

John did not know then if the walls were that thin the quietest of sounds were coming through or if they were abnormally loud. Even with his head under the pillow, he could still hear the sounds of Molly, but nothing from Sherlock. Instantly imaginings came into his head of what may be going on downstairs before he could stop himself.

Stop it. Stop. Don’t think of that. He’s your best bloody friend.

Even though he did not want to, he heard all that was going on downstairs as Molly grew louder as the minutes passed, clearly enjoying what it was that was happening to her. Soon the noise reached its peak before all grew silent again.

Thank god. Please let that be the end of it.

John was wrong though...

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