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(A Look At A Proposed Revision To The Education System)

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If you were to walk into a high school right now, and visit a class room, what would you see? Well, traditionally, you would see a teacher teaching and students learning. But if you take a closer look, what do you notice about the students? They are all tired. Why is this, you might ask? There could be innumerable reasons for this, but they would all lead you back to one conclusion. And the best way to put it is through science. You see, throughout the teenage years, human brains become drastically different to their pre-teen and adult counterparts.
That’s right; teenagers do not think the same as other demographics. For instance, say you give a high school student a week to work on a project, the weekend to finish it, and it’s due on Monday. Statistics will reveal that the vast majority of students prefer to do their work within twenty four hours of the deadline, and interestingly enough, seeing the most productivity in the last twelve hours. ...view middle of the document...

But as I’ve previously stated, teenagers are different from the rest of society. You may be wondering, what are the possible benefits to this schedule revision? Well, to be blunt, it is just more natural. Knowing that teenagers work best at night, doesn’t it just make sense for school to be during these hours? Instead of being tired throughout the school day and sleeping through half their classes, teenagers would be in a more natural setting, allowing them to be much more productive.
As a result of flipping school hours to better suit teenagers, they should still be most tired during the day. Some may argue that this will make teenagers useless to them. I would argue that they weren’t ever useful to begin with, but that is for a different time. But to counter this argument, I would like to present the crown jewel of the benefits my revision provides; you don’t have to deal with teenagers during the day! Don’t break out the champagne just yet, let me explain. Let’s examine the traditional schedule of an adult, so we can begin to understand the science behind this. An adult works during the day, and becomes tired so they may rest and sleep during the night. Now flip that on its head, and you get how a teenager operates. So now instead of having to deal with sleepy, moody teenagers during the day, you never have to see them! While you’re at work, they are sleeping. While you are sleeping, they are at school. We all know teenagers are emotional train wrecks; it’s science. This way, you won’t have to interact with them at all until the day you help pack bags after graduation!
Clearly, this is the only feasible option to get teenagers to perform better in school. Teachers have tried for centuries to get them to do as they ask, and so far that just hasn’t worked. Respecting authority has always been an issue for teenagers. So if they won’t change, why not change for them? Now, they can be awake at all hours of the night like they want to be, and sleep through the day like teenagers like to do. And they absolutely hate dealing with adults, so outside listening to their teachers, teenager-adult interaction will not be necessary. They can focus on their schoolwork, graduating, and then getting out of the house.

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