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A Look At American Poetry Essay

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Many may consider poetry to be a language of its own: full of feelings, emotions, and perceptions. All of us have our own experiences & sentiments; therefore we all have the ability to write our own poetry from our background without even realizing it. In my opinion, I do not think that the importance of American poetry should be stressed just to college students; I believe that our society as a whole should care about American poetry. Throughout history, poetry has been considered to be important, not only for entertainment purposes, but because of its unique value and the readers ability for their own interpretation. Not every single reader will walk away with the same perception of a poem; poetry is deeper than reading an encyclopedia. For example, if a student were to write a research paper on a specific animal, they may be able to look up facts about their diet, habitat, lifespan, etc. All of this information is for practical purposes; we may be able to grasp their lifestyle, however not their soul… a poem can turn this living creature into something majestic; or the total opposite. Behind poetry are experiences: beauty and ugly, customary and weird, good and bad. While I may look at a poem about hunting as beautiful and wonderful, my girlfriend would probably read the same poem and think it was disturbing and unnecessary; we may have read the same exact poem, but our past experiences allow us to have different views. This brings me to my main point, who is the reader and what type of poem is it? It may not always be something one can relate to, or even understand, but that does not mean we should not care. Poetry has evolved into something special over the years in America; readers and writers, who never even realized they had the ability to write a poem, or even just analyze a poem, have become some of our most famous authors. American poetry has come a long way, from cultural transitions, to modernism and postmodernism. Without realizing, each and every one of us can relate to American poetry today; maybe not completely grasping the entire essence of a specific poem, however, there is literature for every one of us to relate to.

Fugue is an American literary journal, established in 1990, that promotes diverse voices of existing and new & writers. (Fugue Journal) Within this journal, there are several poems that I felt were really touching and that myself, along with many others, can relate to. ‘Under this Roof’, by Susanna Childress, is about a sibling who allowed their brother to move into their house. The author had no idea how appreciative their brother would be; they did not realize that he would be willing to help and so grateful to have a place to go. I read this poem a few times, each while creating a more vivid image. I picture a warm cozy house, the author opening her front door to her brother; her brother looking tired, lonely and like he could use a shower along with a good nights sleep. I can see the brother lending a...

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