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A Look At Change Essay

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As life goes by, individuals often become trapped in the idea of routine. Individuals favour the idea of routine as it is familiar and consistent. Nevertheless, individuals often ponder on the subject of change but never act on it because they prefer safety and familiarity. Why change anything if everything is going well? The short story, “The Japanese Quince” by John Galsworthy explores how individuals trapped by the rigidity of routine may often avoid living a more fulfilling and spontaneous life. The protagonist, Mr. Nilson is depicted as a man who is condemned by routine. As a result, he follows a rigid routine daily. Nonetheless, on a specific spring morning, he attempted to change ...view middle of the document...

In addition, the blackbird is an excellent example of nature exemplifying change and acting differently for a more fulfilled life. Blackbirds on the appearance can be perceived as dull and dark. However its actions conveyed the opposite. When the blackbird burst into song, its appearance changed, it seemed more lively and pleasant. Therefore, nature is a great example that illustrates that the importance of change for fulfillment.
Mr. Nilson is considered a well-to-do gentleman who was well-known in the City. Despite experiencing “a feeling of emptiness just under his fifth rib”, Mr. Nilson was reassured to be a reflection of good health with “firm, well-coloured cheeks”, “neat brown moustaches” and “round, well-opened, clear grey eyes”. Despite life going his way, Mr. Nilson’s life was empty, consisting of an unexciting, daily routine. His routine consists of having breakfast at approximately half past eight every morning. Conversely, on this specific day, he decided to “take a turn in the Gardens”. This is an example of Mr. Nilson escaping the security of routine and trying something different. Consequently, by changing his routine, Mr. Nilson believed that he was unique. He thought that he was “the only person in the Square who has the – to come out”. To his dismay, he was not the only one there. Mr. Tandram, his next-door neighbour of five years who he had yet spoken to came out as well. It is appalling that although they were neighbours, they have never talked to each other. This specifies how trapped both of them were by their routines that they did not even try to meet new people; even those who were right next to them. Mr. Tandram was in many ways a mirror image of Mr. Nilson. He was depicted to be “about Mr. Nilson’s own height, with firm well-coloured cheeks, neat brown moustaches, and a round, well-opened, clear grey eyes”. In addition, he was wearing a black frock coat similar to Mr. Nilson. Like Mr. Nilson, his life lacked variety and was very...

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