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A Look Into Inaugural Poems By Maya Angelou And Robert Frost. Poems Are 'the Gift Outright' (By Robert Frost) And 'inaugural' Poem (By Maya Angelou).

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"The Gift Outright" was the poem recited for the presidential inauguration on January 20, 1961 for John F. Kennedy. In January 20, 1993 exactly thirty two years later, Maya Angelou read her inaugural poem for Bill Clinton's inauguration. These poems denote the beginning of new decisions and a new beginning for our nation. They give a personal touch to the new presidential inauguration and serve as a ray of light to guide our nation into better times. The poems both portrayed that the country was in the stages of new beginnings and added hope. They go through the past to form a base for the future of the new administration. The poems finally say that such poetry brings enlightenment as well as hope to the rising nation in these times of transition.As a way of starting a new beginning, these poems were selected to express the positive change hopefully that will occur in our government. "The Gift Outright" and the "Inaugural Poem" told a tale of our land's history, and how we had grown to set the stage for the threshold of a new country. In some ways, a presidential inauguration is the climax of an old and start of a new era. We put our country into the hands of a new leader, and he will hopefully realize our mistakes our ancestors made and will improve our future. Learning about the past will give us a road to start on and new choices to take. The poem mentions that if we understand the past, we will correct ourselves and walk onwards in the future. An inauguration period is the time in which a nation must reflect on its past and think about the future. It signifies new leadership and a need to improve on the old ways.Maya Angelo's poem, the "Inaugural Poem," was musical thought drawn out in the way it is written on paper. It was very instrumental and distributed proportionally according to the messages that the poem contained. Her poem, the "Inaugural Poem," was cut down into short stanzas and stretched into long lines. This was to portray the length of time from which the world has come to be as we know it. Different points of views were used to give the viewpoints of various parties. First from the view of the rock, then the river, onto the tree, and opinions were diverse and...

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