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A Look Into Photography As A Career.

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Ray CastanedaEnglish 2Career reportA Job As a PhotographerEver since I was a young boy I have always been interested in taking pictures. I was fascinated by cameras and good photos. What I like about this occupation is that you can get a job doing it with several levels of training from only high school to four year universities.The duties of a photographer can be very diverse. They must deal with deadlines and sometimes costumers or bosses. Most of the time they are told what to photograph and rarely get to photograph what they want. Although most photographers develop specialties and limit themselves to one type of photography, some are open to many different situations. The main types of photography are people, landscapes, buildings, products, food, events, sports, fashion, and automobiles. It's a photographer's job to manipulate the lighting and background, and this is done by arranging the subject or equipment, or with a computer editing program such as Adobe Photoshop, what I use. Photographers must also process film, develop it and make prints, and be comfortable working in a totally dark room. Photographers who are self-employed must advertise and promote their own work and sometimes do their own bookkeeping.Some of the drawbacks can be work under pressure from deadlines and demanding customers, and also freelance photographers can find it frustrating to try to solicit new customers. Although you can get a job as an entry level photographer, the work can be unstable until you have built an extensive portfolio. As a photojournalist, a person can be subjected to danger if assigned to cover stories about natural disasters or military conflicts.Some photographers can also gain expertise in filming as well and this can be useful in the in some jobs and also the military, which offers jobs and training courses in these fields.There are quite a few personal characteristics...

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