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A Look Into Susan B Anthony

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Never got to see women get rights to vote. But got to see the effect of her protests, speeches, and articles all the way to her death. Susan B. Anthony was a lady who was influenced by her Quaker family. She made many accomplishments even though it didn’t come in the form of a medal. She made history without fighting, medals, or money. Just her dedication to help women and slaves.
Susan B. Anthony was born on February15, 1820. Anthony was the second oldest of eight children. The family was Quakers. They believed everyone was equal including black folks. Anthony was also a well rounded student. She was really smart, and wanted to learn more. When she asked the teacher to teach her long handed division the teacher couldn’t because of her gender. When she told her father he taught her. In 1837 her family was financially struck. Their good life was over. Susan had to be taken out of Boarding school. When Susan became a teacher with a pay of ...view middle of the document...

They also founded The National Women’s Suffrage Association in 1869. This society also helped give people an idea of letting women vote.
Taking it back a year, On January 1, 1868, Anthony started publishing a journal titled “The Revolution”. Like any other journal they published their journal weekly. This journal showed meetings they were having for the Anti-Slavery society, Woman’s State Temperance Society, and The National Women’s Suffrage Association, and any other events pertaining to the cause of slaves or women’s rights to vote.

In 1872 Susan was arrested for voting. She was fined $100. Anthony refused to pay the fine, but was not taken to jail. Susan also met Theadore Roosevelt in 1905 for a woman’s Suffrage meeting. Finally her life ended on March 13, 1906 at age 86. That age was longer than the average women living in the 1900s. 14 years after Susan died the 19th amendment was ratified. This amendment gave women the right to vote. This was something Susan always wanted but she never got to see happen. Even though she didn’t get to see the 19th amendment get passed she gave everyone the thought of allowing women to have the right to vote. Knowing that Susan wanted women to have the right to vote , and she didn’t live to see women get the right to vote, the government made a silver dollar coin with a picture of her on the front. On the back is an American eagle. This silver dollar coin still does exist.

“Men their rights and nothing more; Women their rights, and nothing less.” This quote is so true. It means men should have their rights to vote and nothing more and women should have right to vote and nothing less than that. This was something that Susan always wanted for women and slaves. With her Quaker ways she always believed with from the time she was born. She was determined to get women and slaves the rights they deserved. But even though she didn’t make it happen she opened people’s minds to it. This is why I believe she deserved the honor of being on a dollar coin and to be in history books everywhere. Susan taught me that even though I’m not a man I still have rights as an American citizen.

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