A Look Into The Matrix. Is It Science Fiction Or Is It Fantasy?

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As I sat in my nightmare and vision class, and watched the move The Matrix with the rest of my peers, I couldn't help but wonder if The Matrix was a work of science fiction, or if it was more a fantasy movie. It wasn't until I was done watching the movie did I realize that it was indeed a science fiction movie. Although many might disagree, I feel that the matrix is science fiction for many reasons. The film The Matrix is science fiction because it takes place in the future. Often time's science fiction literature and films are associated with futuristic themes, while fantasies are often set in less advanced settings. In addition, The Matrix is a work of science fiction because technology plays a key element in the plot line. This can be seen in one segment of the film when Neo first awakens to find him self in a cocoon like shell with dozens of tubes plugged into his body. This example clearly illustrates the key role of technology in the film, because it shows how technology affected the living condition of the main character. Another important example that best demonstrates the key role of technology in the film is when Morpheus explains to Neo in the training simulator that the matrix is all around them. Morpheus explains that you can see it when you look out your window or when you turn on your television. The reason this is such an important scene, is because it allows the audience to understand that the matrix is a form of technology that makes up every aspect of our daily lives. So in other words, it exemplifies just how large a role the matrix plays in our existence. Fantasies, on the other hand, depend less on technology and more on mythical characters and imaginary creatures. ...

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