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A Look On The Canadian Identity As A Canadian Citizen And What It Means To Me.

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I can remember, a few years back, having a conversation with a teenage American while on vacation in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. He asked me where I was from and when I told him, "Canada," he simply smirked and looked away. I asked him what he thought about Canadians and he replied, "Why does it matter what I think? Don't you know who you are?" I was quite surprised with his response because I thought I knew who I was, so I simply stated "I am Canadian". Although, now that I think about it, simply stating that I am Canadian doesn't stand up against anything unless you know who Canadians are. I think that pinpointing the Canadian identity is similar to looking for a needle in a giant haystack. There's so much to look through before it can even be determined that the Canadian identity does, in fact, exist. It is not possible to say that any single aspect of Canadian life can give tribute to or be labeled as the Canadian identity. Ask any Canadian or foreigner for that matter, and you will see that this is so. A hockey fan will say that we are famous for being excellent hockey players, and that is our identity. A landscape artist will claim that it's our rolling wheat fields, Rocky Mountains and beautiful bodies of water. A railroad conductor will say it's our vast land and immense size that give us our identity. A monarchist will proudly state that we are still an important part of the British Commonwealth. Finally, a patriot may proclaim that our identity is a clean, beautiful, free country. These are all very true of course, but because the opinions of the Canadian population vary, our identity as Canadians is completely subjective.The Canadian identity must be discovered for oneself. Therefore, whatever we deem worthy of such a title as the "Canadian identity" is neither right nor wrong on any account because will always be personal and individual. I believe that the Canadian identity is a combination of our natural regions, multicultural society and our will to stand out from the U.S. and all that they believe in. I have come to this conclusion, based on essays and opinions I have read, viewed, heard and developed on my own. To support my beliefs I shall present quotes, individuals, ideas and facts.Canada is the second largest country in the world. It not only covers seven percent of the Earth's surface, but has more pure natural forests, mountains, rivers and lakes and grasslands than most countries found on this planet. Part of our identity is this wonderful diversely geographical land that we live in. Less than ten percent of Canada has ever been permanently settled, which leaves us plenty of room to develop and thrive. (Stats Canada, 1999) When Rupert Brooke (an English poet) visited Canada in 1913, he was most impressed with Canada's "fresh loneliness." "There is no one else within reach," he wrote. "There never has been anyone; no one else is thinking of the lakes and hills you see before you." (Canada Yearbook, 1999). Could you even imagine...

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