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A Losing Battle Essay

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I may have been twelve or thirteen when it happened, but I can remember it like it was just yesterday. I lived with my grandmother, my aunt, two cousins, and my mom. I was in bed when I heard the telephone ring one night. I’m not a very light sleeper, so it came as a surprise that I immediately woke up. I suddenly got the feeling that something was terribly wrong and awaited news of sadness. My older cousin, Dion, dashed through the hallway into my grandmother’s room. I couldn’t hear what he was saying to her so I got up. He gave my grandmother the telephone and she began speaking to someone on the other end.“What?” my grandmother asked, sounding surprised. “Craig? Craig get shoot?” she said.Soon after, my mother joined Dion in my grandmother’s room and they began talking. I, however, was still in shock at my grandmother’s words. I couldn’t believe that he was shot. Nothing like this had ever happened before in my family. All I could do was hope that he wasn’t dead. My grandmother then hung up the phone and began telling my mother and cousin that Craig was shot outside of the restaurant in front of Mel’s house. At that moment we all got ready and left for Mel’s house, which was about ten minutes away.Because East Street is an area where there is something always going on, there were people everywhere, as well as police officers. We pulled into the yard and soon met up with family who had been there and witnessed the shooting. My grandaunt, Craig’s brothers and sisters, and other close relatives were crying. I felt for my grandaunt because I could only imagine the pain she was feeling about her son. I didn’t know what to think or say to anyone. I stood there and noticed that there was a body still on the ground. I didn’t want to believe that it was Craig under that sheet, but deep down I knew. It was in fact they worst scene I had ever seen in my life. I was lost in my head wondering how and why all of this happened and I wanted answers.I was taken out of my world by the sound of sirens approaching the area. As always, it took ambulances a great deal of time to arrive at a scene so there was no way he would’ve been saved. I wanted to ask someone what happened, but everyone was either in shock or wailing in agony....

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