A Lot Of Love(An Essay On The Similarities Between Romeo And Juliet And Pyramus And Thisbe)

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A lot of Love
(An essay on the similarities between Romeo and Juliet and Pyramus and Thisbe)
The drama, “Romeo and Juliet”, shares many similarities to the ancient text, “Pyramus and Thisbe”. Even though these two tales’ origins are far apart in geographical location and time period, they are surprisingly related. This proves the truth of universal themes. Universal themes are ideas that span nations because of their relevance to mankind. True love and death is the universal theme of the two tales. “Romeo and Juliet” can compare to “Pyramus and Thisbe” for three reasons; the lovers come from disagreeing families, the tales are both tragedy, and they are based on misconception and ill-timing.
Romeo and Juliet, much like Pyramus and Thisbe, come from fueding families. Pryamus had to talk to Thisbe through a chink in the wall of their homes. The two were forbidden to love. Romeo and Juliet’s families had been fighting since before anyone could remember. “What drawn and talk of peace? I hate the word as I hate hell, all Montagues and thee.” Tybalt yelled ferociously in Act 1, scene 1, line 66. Even though no one knew what the constant brawls and deaths were about, they continued their rivalry. Much like Thisbe and Pyramus, Romeo and Juliet’s deaths were caused by their families’ prejudice. Pyramus and Thisbe snuck out into the woods to finally be together, away from disagreement and those who would stifle their love. Romeo and Juliet also snuck away to be married. In the end, both of these actions led to misery. Juliet lost the trust of her father and nurse. “Thou and my bosom shall henceforth be twian.” Juliet said to the nurse in Act 3, scene 5, line 242. Juliet lost all of her loved ones, just like Thisbe. In one action, Thisbe lost her family and her lover.
Another reason “Romeo and Juliet” is so similar to “Pyramus and Thisbe” is because both stories end in death. Thisbe and Pyramus’s decision to run away led to their violent suicides. The two had been in love for all of their lives. They were so devoted to eachother, that when Pyramus found Thisbe’s ripped clock, he sank a dagger into his heart right on the spot. Romeo and Juliet didn’t hesitate to commit suicide either. In Act 4, scene 5, line 170, Juliet says, “Yea noise? Then I’ll be brief. O happy...

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