A Lot Of Work: Not Enough Pay

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Immigrants often move to America to have a better life; however, this is not what some get. In the poem, “My Mother, Who Came from China, Where She Never Saw Snow” the immigrant factory workers moved here for a better life, but ended up having to work multiple hours in a factory with very little pay. The workers work diligently every day but never get enough money to actually buy the items that they are making. In the poem, Laureen Mar uses imagery, irony, and punctuation to demonstrate the injustices of immigrant factory work of the time period.
Mar uses imagery to compare the factory workers to the setting. She is showing how the women work, but also showing how the women are one with the ...view middle of the document...

She says, “For eight or nine hours, sixteen bundles maybe, / 250 ski coats, all the same” (17-19). The women work all day every day but do not get paid enough to actually buy what they are making. Only the rich people can afford ski coats, and actually go see the snow, but since these women are working in a factory, they are not rich and cannot afford it.
Mar uses punctuation to mimic the sound of the sewing machines running. Mar uses short sentences and commas, that when read aloud, create the sounds of a sewing machine. Mar states, “She pushes cloth / through a pounding needle, under, around, and out, / breaks thread with a snap against fingerbone, tooth” (12-14). When read aloud, this gives the effect that the machines are running. Mar also uses punctuation to give the effect that the work is never ending. She declares, “Sleeve after sleeve, sleeve. / It is easy. The same piece” (15-16). When the reader reads this aloud, it makes the work seem continuous and boring, suggesting that the worker feels like the work will never stop. The...

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