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I want you to take me for granted.I want you to be able to pick up your phone and call me whenever you please, even if it ends at me telling you I can't talk. I want you to be comfortable with texting me at any hour of the day, and be comfortable in the knowledge that I'll reply, as soon as I can. I want you to send me music you think is good (and I probably hate) and have faith that I'll listen to it irrespective of my complete dislike for your taste. I want you to know that I'll put on a brave smile and take another bite of what you order when we go out, just because you like it. I want you to know that I'd drink vodka for you, even though I'm a whiskey and rum girl, just because you want to do shots and get sloshed (something I'm inherently against). I want to be your first preference. The first person you think of when you have news, good or bad, to share. The first person you text on a late, sleepless night. The last person you say goodnight to. Hell, I don't want our conversations to have an end. I don't want something as mundane as conditioning to force us to use bland platitudes like 'hi' and 'bye' when we could just have a long, never ending conversation.I want you to know that you can be utterly selfish around me. You can rant on and on about your problems, and I'll be there to nod sympathetically and call your boss/colleague/boyfriend/girlfriend the choicest swears even though in reality, I'm...

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Daddy Didn't Love Me: The Scarlet Letter in Pearl's Eyes

747 words - 3 pages As a child, I used to hear the phrase 'lukso ng dugo', which is a Tagalog phrase to refer to that feeling you get when you meet someone, and by fate, turns out to be one of your own. As I was reading the Scarlet Letter, I realized that most of Pearl's actions and who she is are rooted from that. However, most who read the book only see Pearl as a living symbol and not an actual character. In the Scarlet Letter, Pearl is not just a

A literary Analysis of Hester Prynne in "A Scarlet Letter"

1758 words - 7 pages growing from love and strength. In the novel "A Scarlet Letter" by Nathaniel Hawthorne, the letter "A", which Hester Prynne wears upon her breast, symbolizes the love she holds for Arthur Dimmesdale, the sin which she commits with him, and the strength of the sin with which Hester is challenged, perhaps indicating Hawthorne's belief that one must be true to live a fulfilled life. The scarlet letter on Hester Prynne's breasts symbolizes the love she has

The Importance of Paper and Ink in Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austin

1002 words - 5 pages thirty thousand pounds”(137). Because it is in a letter form The author allows the readers to watch Elizabeth’s reactions to Mr. Darcy's proposal. The readers see the slow alteration in her attitude towards Mr. Darcy, which is the first step of her falling in love with him. By making the letter a header instead of a dialog the readers are permitted to see what that letter produces in Elizabeth's mind and emotions. This is an important reason

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1394 words - 6 pages forever something he never expected. Not thinking of the large multitude of possible adverse outcomes, he reads the letter. Frightened that he has ruined what should have never been started, he broods over his decision to love a married woman. In light of this, Camillo continues his dubious love affair with his best friend’s wife, unconvinced that he will ever get caught. “The Fortune Teller” focuses on an intimate affair between three people that

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662 words - 3 pages Subservient Women in A Man’s Requirements and A Letter to Her Husband Authors use poetry to creatively present attitudes and opinions. “A Man’s Requirements,” by Elizabeth Barrett Browning, and “A Letter to Her Husband, Absent upon Public Employment” are two poems with distinct attitudes about love that contain different literary approaches. In both of the poems, love is addressed from a different perspective, producing the difference in

The Scarlet Allegory: The Symbolism of the Scarlet Letter

1044 words - 5 pages Throughout history, imagery has been used in literature to provide an emotional depth and prevalence to literary works that would otherwise be lost in time. The Scarlet Letter is an emotional, Puritan-era novel that focuses on the harsh and controversial topics of adultery, sin, hypocrisy, and judgment. The Scarlet Letter tells the sentimental story of Hester Prynne, a young Puritan woman who has been condemned to wear a scarlet A after she

The Scarlett Letter, and its power over Pearl

1171 words - 5 pages , only making Pearl more curious when she found out it is not to be spoken. A child's love for their mother can not be matched, but in the case of Pearl, the scarlet letter is part of her mother, but all together separate. The "A" is starting to become so much of Pearl; she changes to keep up with its needs.With the same passion that Pearl idolizes the letter, she sees to it that all associated with the curse never forget it, and live by their mark

The Effective Use of Symblism in The Scarlett Letter by Nathaniel Hawthorne

1558 words - 6 pages adultery was rooted from the love she had for Dimmesdale and belief in "the supremacy of her passion" (Martin 122). It is also believed that "Not a stitch in that embroidered letter has an effect, but she has felt it in her heart" (Hawthorne 43). The letter ironically brings Hester both joy and pain (Martin 120). When standing on the scaffold in front of all the relenting eyes, "Hester Prynne might have repaid them all with a bitter and

Twelfth Night Essay: Appearance vs. Reality

1099 words - 4 pages (the letter) thinking his lady likes him, and to show his love he uses a different appearance to express it. Viola, servant of Orsino, falls in love with him, but secretly, not wanting to express her love for him, because of her disguise as her barrier for that case. Viola/Ceasario is wearing a disguise and secretly loves Orsino. Malvolio, on the other hand, is also a servant but still changes his appearance to express love for the great lady

Scarlet Letter As A Romance

574 words - 2 pages The Scarlet Letter by Nathaniel Hawthorne is very contradictory on whether or not it is a romance. In many ways, The Scarlet Letter fits into the characteristics of a romance. Some would say that a romance is merely a story of the love between man and woman, but it goes much farther than that. There are a few characteristics that most romances have. The Scarlet Letter can be considered to be a romance in that it is centered amidst the more

The symbolism in Nathaniel Hawthorne's Letter "A"

1585 words - 6 pages of society. As she grows stronger, she becomes more opposed to being seen as a sinner. The letter's meaning has changed, "Hatred, by a gradual and quiet process, will even be transformed to love, unless the change be impeded by a continually new irritation of the original feeling of hostility"(147). This foreshadows the future events of the novel.Another view of the letter is that it portrays guilt. It portrays the guilt of Dimmesdale, the father

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1193 words - 5 pages stories. Soon, our stories will involve Grandpa’s experience of logging on to Match.com and finding a sexy woman that reciprocated his love for Italian food and fluffy poodles. Technology is morphing our relationships into a board game that we are permitted to quit. As college students in the spotlight to youth we must teach the younger society that this is not a norm to live by. Technology does have a vast amount of beneficial qualities that

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1892 words - 8 pages Love for Dimmesdale in The Scarlet Letter by Hawthorne *Works Cited Not Included Hawthorne's novel, The Scarlet Letter, is a brilliant story about truth and love. He wrote The Scarlet Letter during a time in the 19th century when romantic literature was popular in America. His tale dwells on the sin of adultery in a Puritan village. The first character that Hawthorne puts to life is Hester Prynne, a young bride