A Beautiful Sunset Some Of The People Are Caucasian And

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A Beautiful Sunset Some of the people are caucasian and some of Asian origin. All and all most of them seem to have a single destination and purpose in mind for being here, but why do they walk all the way to the end? I can see it just as well from where I am. Perhaps it's just to feel closer.A caucasian couple walks by and turn left, walking along the narrow pathway towards the small crowd gathered at the end. They stop briefly to dig into the backpack, which he is carrying, and pull out a camera, then continue down the path hand in hand. Upon reaching the end they pause for a moment, take a picture, and talk, staring off into the distance across the water. Once their tasking was complete they retreat back towards the beach, walking slightly slower than they had before.Another couple, which had paused to look and talk at the end of the boardwalk, began to slowly make their way back to the beach. They passed two young men who were also making their way out to the end of the boardwalk.It's easy to tell the local people from the tourists. The locals seem more confident and comfortable of their surroundings. Perhaps it's a path they have traveled many times before.There is quite a large crowd gathered out at the end now. People are lining up along the edge now looking west. Two children are playing near their parents and don't show any interest in what's about to take place. Often the mother turns and looks to ensure their safety.Slowly the children stop playing and turn to the attention to their parents and those around them. All the energy, which was just moments before, is now gone. I turn my attention to the sky as it slowly begins to mutate over the ocean. The sun is just inches now from being dissolved by the vast ocean lying before it. As it creeps closer and closer the crowds gather more and more to see this...

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1065 words - 4 pages suggests the abstract joys of thought he experiences and foreshadows the visual hallucinations to come.When Nash was playing pool at a bar, Charles, a delusional figure, is mingling in the shot composition with the other patrons of the bar. The camera angle is of Nash's point of view, and shows that his delusional figures affect his life like real people, and integrates into his everyday life. Even after the responder becomes aware they are merely

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