A Low Power Enhanced Bitmask Dictionary Scheme For Test Data Compression

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The ever growing densities of SoC design have led to higher test data volume and accordingly long test time. For example in [1] has been shown that, the volume of SoC test data in 2014 will be 150 times larger than that in 1999. Hence, novel methods are needed to cope with these problems.
Intuitively test cost depends on several factors such as test data volume, the maximum scan chain length, ATE memory and bandwidth. For a specified ATE channel capacity and bandwidth, reducing test time is possible by test data compression, changing the scan chain structure, and using logic Built-In Self-Test (BIST) [2]. Changing the structure of internal scan chains is not possible for an existing Intellectual Property (IP) core. Besides BIST is now widely used for memory testing, but due to insufficient fault coverage it is not appropriate for logic testing without using reseeding techniques [3]. As a result, one promising solution for reducing test time is test data compression.
Test data compression techniques in the literature are classified as scan-based techniques, code-based and linear-decompression. Scan based schemes are based on broadcasting a value into multiple scan chains or applying the same set of test data to multiple Circuits Under Test (CUTs) [5,6]. In code-based schemes, compression is performed after the test generation process, using a software program. In both cases, simple decompression hardware is also required to decode the data and apply it to the CUT scan chains [8]. To encode a data in code-based schemes, data is partitioned into blocks called symbols. Each symbol is then converted to a codeword using a compression algorithm. Several compression methods such as statistical coding [11], run-length coding [12], run length Huffman coding [13], multilevel Huffman coding [14], golomb coding [15], FDR coding [16], heterogeneous and multilevel compression [18], optimal selective Huffman coding [19], and so on have been proposed. Dictionary-based test data compression method is the most recently approach which provides compression efficiency without decompression penalty and used in [3]. In this approach, each codeword is composed of a prefix and a stem. The prefix is a 1-bit...

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