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Advertising and contemporary pop culture are permeated with an overabundance of messages about dominance and sexuality. An advertisement is a form of communication that allows for a particular message within a particular product that appeals to a consumer’s needs or wants. The Couture by Juicy Couture perfume ad in Marie Claire magazine is an ideal example of a definitive creation of dominance in a luxurious world of beauty. Juicy Couture utilizes a range of techniques to appeal to their intended audience by bringing forth an advertisement that uses sex appeal, vivid colors, and a visionary approach to pathos. These acts of persuasion initiate the feeling of sexuality between a man and a ...view middle of the document...

The Juicy Couture advertisement is on a two-toned background. The woman’s portion of the image is in high resolution in comparison to the man’s grainer standing. The man is positioned on the left hand side of the page where he smoothly fits into the background because of the pink purple affect that covers the full advertisement as well as tints him with its wash color. The effortless beauty of the woman with her dark colored hair and brows as well as her full color image presents her luminous white skin and portrays her control in the image as she blows sparkling pink glitter out of her hand as if to blow a kiss at the male. The clear and gold fluted champagne glass figured bottle of perfume lays so effortlessly against the woman’s skin. It’s as if it doesn’t belong or she doesn’t realize that it exists. Her complete image of femininity and pureness allows her to possess complete power of the image.
Lastly this advertisement draws in pathos, an appeal to the audience’s emotions. The woman model appears dominant and seductive and radiates sex appeal. As beautiful as the woman is, the advertisement glorifies this perfume and draws in woman who use this fragrance to become sophisticated or elegant. The purple tones in the...

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