A Machine Created For Mass Production And Interchangeable Parts

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A Machine Created for Mass Production and Interchangeable Parts
1. Introduction:
When you think of cars, chairs or furniture you probably think of cars being nice and chairs being sturdy and furniture being comfy. Do you ever really think about how it is made and the history behind it all? Well one, it’s made in a factory that has a huge machine. This machine creates products in large quantities in a short period of time. Back in the day before machines and their ability to create products in large quantities, everything was handmade which took long periods of time. This invention of a machine creating mass production and interchangeable parts has been undergoing changes from the time it ...view middle of the document...

Many people who created weapons handmade were skilled individuals. Many of the unskilled people had no jobs because they didn’t have a strong talent of building weapons. It took Eli Whitney ten years instead of two years to finally finish a machine that can produce muskets in large quantities. Too bad his muskets were not that great of a quality. After Whitney’s idea of mass production, the whole concept of creating things in large quantities, in a short amount of time, and requiring very minimal effort, became a big deal throughout the whole country.
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Eli Whitney has been one of the top names for this idea of mass production. The idea of mass production had appeared in countries like France and Britain. According to an online article, “a French engineer, March Brunel, produced wooden pulley blocks by sequential machine operations. Ten men instead of one hundred were able to make sixteen thousand pulley blocks per year (“Mass Production”, n.d.). At this time this is a lot of pulley blocks made in one year. While talking about mass production, a big chunk of it has to do with interchangeable parts. Interchangeable parts, according to Dictionary.com, are parts for practical and identical purposes. They are specific and identical to make certain that they can fit into any assembly of the same kind. For example, Eli Whitney’s whole concept of interchangeable parts was to create weapons that were exactly the same which the term interchangeable parts play a role. If a part of the weapon were to break, a person wouldn’t have to buy a whole new gun. Instead all they have to do is to restore and reconstruct the broken part of the weapon instead of buying a whole new gun Thus, this would make things easier. During this time period there were skilled professionals that made weapons but with the idea of a interchangeable parts and a mass production of product machine and interchangeable parts, a lot of unskilled workers can work. According to History.com, “Eli Whitney was able to have unskilled workers working to create large quantities of weapon at a low cost (“Interchangeable Parts”. 2012). Even though this meant that less amount of people will be working since the factories were taking over peoples jobs it allowed the unfortunate or unskilled workers the opportunity to have a job to support their family.
The whole movement of interchangeable parts was introduced when the “U.S. War Department had a problem with not having enough weapons of great quality being sent” (Cross & Szostak, 2005). The guy behind all this was John Hall. John Hall created the interchangeable rifles at Harpers Ferry. This was a great economic advantage. Both the U.S. War Department and John Hall “signed a contract with the U.S. War Department to make a thousand rifles” (“John H Hall”, n.d.). This site where John Hall created the rifles eventually changed its name to be known as Halls Rifle Works. Once again the whole idea to me of promising the government something that...

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