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A Male Dominated Society During The 19th Century

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During the 19th century, women were controlled by a male dominated society. The women were in pure agony knowing that there was no faith for them to have a crucial change in civilization. This could often lead to “clinical depression” in which a human could feel lonely, empty, confounded and miserable. In this time period, women’s role in society was to be simply mothers and wives. A world where women had rights, control, and power was a fantasy. According to Hall, he states, “Key to all feminist methodologies is the belief that patriarchal oppression of women through history has been profound and multifaceted” (Hall 202). In other words, it is known that the male takes complete cruel supremacy over the years in our history. In The Awakening and “The Story of an Hour” by Kate Chopin and “The Yellow Wallpaper” by Charlotte Perkins Gilman, they all convey the struggles that females faced to be accepted and to find their identity.
To commence, women have been denied self-expression which impacted their daily lives. First of all, in The Awakening, a character Edna Pontellier would try to surpass the typical housewife society. For example, the author mentions, “In Short, Mrs. Pontellier was not a mother-woman. The mother woman seemed to prevail that summer…” (The Awakening 9). Edna doesn’t fit in this “mother woman” society. She wants to be unique and above the rest of the females. To add on, the writer argues, “An indescribable oppression, which seemed to generate in some unfamiliar part of her consciousness, filled her whole being with a vague anguish. It was like a shadow, like a mist passing her soul’s summer day…” (The Awakening 9). The thoughts of Edna are confounding to herself since she doesn’t know what she wants in life. The mist symbolizes what goes through her mind and goes out as it passes through her soul. In Hall’s analysis, “for many such feminist, the key to a more egalitarian world is effecting change through the socioeconomic system at hand…” (Hall 200). The goal of women is to value their unique capabilities and viewpoints to modify social systems to reflect the methods of knowing. Conferring to Chopin, “you have been a very, very foolish boy, wasting your time dreaming of impossible thing…” (The Awakening 42). The character Edna affirms that she is not a portion of possession. Therefore, she has power of her own to control herself. Likewise, in the “Yellow Wallpaper” the author speaks, “I've got out at last, in spite of you and Jennie! And I've pulled of most of the paper, so you can't put me back” (Gilman 778). The speaker compares herself to the yellow wallpaper since she claims that she was trapped. Thus, now she is finally “free” from oppression to reflect her own ways of being.
Furthermore, since matrons have been overpowered by males they have been denied social authority. Conferring to feminist’s analysis, “Materialist feminists wish to explore not only how men have traditionally exercised power over women how that...

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